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Tower Power

Tower Power
By Wendy Wippel

The scriptures tell us that, at the beginning, “ the whole earth had one language  and one speech”.  But we know what happened next: they decided to build a tower. Which resulted in God forcibly relocating  the people He had created, throughout the earth, and removing from them the common language.  The cool thing is that we have written records of the consequences.

We probably all remember that when God did separate the inhabitants of Babylon (and thereby confuse their language) the building of the Tower stopped. But you may not realize that the work stoppage was only temporary.

The Bible doesn’t tell us that. But Nebuchadnezzar, who decided to finish the project under his reign, did. Through a Norwegian collector of antiquities named Martin Shoyen.

Shoyen, purchased a substantial number of rock inscriptions nearly 50 years ago, but had never really had them catalogued. So he didn’t really know what he had.  Recently, however, a research group asked for and was granted access to his holdings for research purposes. One of many amazing finds was a lengthy inscription by no other than Nebuchadnezzer, King of Babylon himself.

Some of what was recorded on Nebuchadnezzar’s inscription was a description (very long) of his attempts to repair and finish: The Tower of Babel. The eternal house which I founded and built. I have completed its magnificence with silver, gold, other metals, stones God, other metals, stone, enamel firs, fir and pine.  The most ancient monument of Babylon, I built and finished. I have highly exalted its head with bricks covered with copper.  We say for ever that it is this edifice, the house of the seven lights of earth. Since a remote time, people had abandoned it,without order expressing in their words. And it was not finished.  Since that time the earthquake and the thunder had dispersed the sun-dried clay  The bricks of the casing had split, and the earth of the interior had been scattered in heaps. Merocach, the great God, excited my mind to repair this building. I did not change the site nor did I take away the foundation. In a forftunate month and an auspicious day I undertook to build porticoes around the crude brick masses and the casing of burnt bricks. I put the inscription of my name in the tower  and set my hand to finish it. And to exalt its head. As it had been in ancient days, it was I who exalted its summet.

Three cheers for Nebuchadnezzar. Right? He certainly didn’t suffer from low self esteem.

Very early in Biblical archaelogy France sent expert in ancient history—Professor Oppert– to translate the cuneiform inscriptions littering the area around the base of the tower of Babel, in the meantime discovering the name of the current town that housed them translated in Chaldean meant Tower-tongue.

There are more than 2000 words in all in Nebs entire inscription. But the thing that makes the inscription prove that every bit of the Bible is God- breathed—and that God wants us to know that we can can have complete confidence of its veracity—is that Nebuchadneazzar included that one little seeming incidental fact: The former builders didn’t finish it. (So Neb Did)

Just like the Bible says.

Essentially proving irrefutably that the tower of Babel happened just like the Bible said.

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