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The “Mark” of the Beast

The “Mark” of the Beast
By Wendy Wippel

Facebook had a conference last week at which, unexpectedly, they offered up an apology for its negative effects, namely seducing us into paying more attention to the device we hold then to the ones we hold dear. Noble, I guess. But their solution may be out of the frying pan and into the fire. Literally.

Regina Dugan, head of Facebook Innovation, had this to say: “Smart Phones have been a powerful force in the world, but have had some untended consequences”, she admitted. “It has allowed us to connect with people far away from us, but too often at the expense of those right next to us”….

And we’d all be better off if we looked up a little more.”

I concur. So what’s their answer?

Definitely not getting rid of the blasted things.

No. Dugan emphatically says, “This device is important!!” Apparently someday we’ll all have new improved devices that work without mouthpieces at all. Or mouths, as far as that goes.

Facebook has hired dozens of highly specialized personnel—neural prosthetics experts, neural imaging engineers, and brain-computer interface engineers, in order to help them create a system in which you won’t need to type messages or talk on the phone, because this new device will enable your brain to send messages to the recipient’s brain without a mouthpiece or a keypad.

No grueling sessions of answering emails. You can just think your responses to your o colleagues.

I must admit that the first visual that popped into my head when I read this looked a lot like Herman Munster. Part skin, part science; with an obligatory metallic breastplate.

Or something similar.

Negatory, says Dugan. “That simply won’t scale.” Their goal is to develop a system that does not require surgery or implantation—possibly some kind of external sensor, maybe a wired sleeve that can translate thoughts and send them on to someone also wearing a “smart sleeve.”, which would be able to translate.

Dugan admits, however, that this kind of technology does not, in fact- in 2017–, exist. Although some experiments in transmitting impulses in lower animals like mice have seen positive results, those involved sending neural impulses that successfully made a tail twitch on the other end.

A far cry from sending complex feelings or thoughts and having them fully transferred to another human.

Facebook proudly asserts that they are working on it, including tests that use lasers in order to capture the properties of neutrons in brain cells at the very moment that the cells fire. And other stepping stones to future methods of capturing thoughts by mechanical means, translating the thoughts, and recreating them in the recipients’ brains.

Pretty heady stuff. But they dream big. Dugan says someday she’ll be able to speak in Mandarin and have her message received in the recipient’s brain, in Spanish.

Ah, the wonders of technology. Is this virtual Facebook village really right around the corner? Dugan says that there are a lot of hard formidable issues to overcome, but that “the risk of failure and the terrified feeling that comes with that is the price they pay for making something great”.

Other experts say not so fast.

Although it’s possible even now to visualize some kinds of brains signals, the process currently requires assistance from substantial hardware. Like MRI machines. Or implanted electrodes. And that’s still a far cry from the ability to decode them or to send them to another person for perusal.

And, according to the experts, any attempt to read the mind will need to control the transmitting of information between neurons in the brain. And any attempt to decode that information will require some kind of implant.

At least an electrode.

Furthermore, when you think, brain activity is dispersed, with no specialization in specific areas. So decoding any thought would be a monumental task.

Feelings, however, are handled in a single area, the amygdala, so would be more amenable to untangling with an advent of more sophisticated technology.

Maybe the biggest challenge, however, (if you have a burning need to answer your emails without employing a keypad), is how to untangle the thought message you want to send to your boss from the random negative thought you had about your boss as you began to transmit.

How to control what thoughts go where. And what thoughts go when (Whatever that might look like when this newest wonder of facebook uploads.)

They have no idea how to handle this yet.

And there’s the rub. Who would want to risk having every random thought they have broadcast, especially if its not possible to reliably ensure its delivery to the correct person?

And who could insure, that once this new Facebook “Device” enables mind reading, that it would always be used ethically, transmitting only what people chose to transmit and never ever used for reading someone’s thoughts unawares?

We know better. And all of us alive in 2017 have witnessed incredible examples of the fury and vitriol unleashed on any who disagree with the mainstream views on human political figures.

And we know from Scripture the fury and vitriol prophesied to fall on those who disagree with the views held by the antichrist when the tribulation comes.

And we know from Scripture that the anti-christ, at some point, will require all to show their allegiance to the New World Order by acquiring a physical alteration, one that in addition to proving their devotion to their King, also allows them to buy and sell.

A physical alteration called the “Mark of the Beast” which also allows Beelzebub’s faithful to buy and sell. And, it would seem, a physical alteration that may permit the Antichrist to read the thoughts of those who wear it.

For Christians and Jews, in the New World Groupthink. that Zuckerburg’s Facebook largely created (and which they now, apparently, intend to make into a permanent part of human physiology). This would be—definitely in the last days, according to Scripture, and even now if the new device was ready to market– a problem.

A Big One.

Which I guess is why God told us well in advance to steer clear.

Dugan assured Facebook’s faithful that their vision for this new device “sounds impossible, but it’s closer than you may realize”.

From a purely prejudiced viewpoint, I hope so. Because that would mean we’d all be watching from the Mezzanine.

Mark Zuckerburg has his vision for the future. We have His Word. Our redemption gets closer every day. Let’s make the time count!

Maybe it’s not a coincidence that it’s the “Mark” of the Beast. I’m just sayin…

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