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Rapture Dashboard

The Rapture Dashboard is a type of index to see how fast we are heading towards the rapture of the church. To gauge how fast we are going towards the blessed hope of Christians, we take into account current world events and look at them through the windshield of end times bible prophecy.

Last Update: December 06, 2023

Current Speed: 191

The Rapture Dashboard is currently at a level where the overall prophetic landscape has continued to stay in the “Fasten your seat belts – Look out NASCAR!” category. Prophecy watchers will definitely need to keep their eyes glued to the TV sets and news websites to keep up to speed on the latest developments in the Middle East. This page is likely to change regularly, so please check back often to see how fast we are heading to the call to “Come up Hither!”

Rapture Dashboard of 0-40MPH: Slow prophetic activity – “Just cranking the car up and backing out of the driveway”

Rapture Dashboard of 41-70MPH: Moderate prophetic activity – “Out for a Sunday stroll”

Rapture Dashboard of 70-100: Moderate Heavy prophetic activity – “Cruising down the avenue”

Rapture Dashboard of 100-150MPH: Heavy prophetic activity – “Hitting the Expressway!”

Rapture Dashboard of 151-200MPH: Fasten your seat belts – “Look out NASCAR!”

Index of Prophecy Categories – We will focus on 20 different categories and give them a numerical MPH value that helps to create the Rapture Dashboard. The MPH index will be based on 1 = slow prophetic activity and 10+ = high prophetic activity. The following categories will be monitored:

1. Revived Roman Empire – Current Speed = 9MPH
2. Israel and the Middle East – Current Speed = 15MPH
3. Economy – Current Speed = 9MPH
4. One World Government – Current Speed = 10MPH
5. Gog/Magog (Russia, Iran, etc.) – Current Speed = 9MPH
6. Apostate Christianity – Current Speed = 10MPH
7. Temple Construction – Current Speed = 8MPH
8. Increase in Knowledge – Current Speed = 10MPH
9. Earthquakes – Weather – Current Speed = 9MPH
10. Signs in the Heavens – Current Speed = 8MPH
11. Anti-Christian movement – Current Speed = 10MPH
12. Anti-semitism – Current Speed = 10MPH
13. Famines – Current Speed = 8MPH
14. Pestilence – Current Speed = 8MPH
15. Climate – Current Speed = 7MPH
16. Terrorism – Current Speed = 12MPH
17. Nuclear weapons – Current Speed = 10MPH
18. Morality – Current Speed = 10MPH
19. Kings of the East – Current Speed = 10MPH
20. Liberalism and Socialism – Current Speed = 10MPH

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