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Thoughts from a No-Body

Thoughts from a No-Body
By Mike Davis

I honestly believe, what we see taking place these days, are things we’ve never seen before. The out right FIGHT and hate from the Left is, in many ways, completely unbelievable. Yet, let a Christian step up and even attempt to express a viewpoint of a Christian and, well, you see what’s happening as well as I.

The fight against Donald Trump and his administration has gotten to the point of what one might be temped to call a Civil War. Any move President Trump moves on things he basically promised during the election process is met with a vengeance, hate, and viral disgust that is beyond civility in any form what so ever. I remember a time when President Obama was being confronted with Conservatives in Government and his basic comment was, I was elected as President! End of conversation. Let President Trump try, or even attempt, to say such a thing and immediately calls for his impeachment would be heralded from sea to shining sea!

I do believe, as has been stated, we are witnessing a spiritual battle going on in this country like never before. Satan, it seemed, was well on his way to establishing a One World Order that seemed to be taking shape in all sectors, all around the globe. Then, come election time, a man called Donald Trump steps in and, for all intentional purposes, puts a halt to the ravages of the Globalist and Satan takes a big hit in his plans for the future of this planet!! Obviously, Satan is NOT giving up that easily. He’s fighting harder than ever. And will continue to do so no matter what President Trump or anyone else may say to the contrary.

I guess what gets me the most is, even some Christians are stating, don’t push it so much. We’ve won so, take it easy. Leave it alone! It’ll all work out just stop with the heavy hitting stuff and let it be! Well, seems as tho’ the Left surely isn’t taking this line of thinking or attitude.

As an individual, I guess you could say, I’m a simple no-body. Folks in Government, local, state, or federal, for all intentional purposes, do not even know I exist. Well, unless I forget to pay my taxes then, well, you know. Again, as an individual, I feel lost in a sea of arguing, fighting, disdain, hate, bitterness, all of which seems to never end! What does one make of all this? How can one continue to make a life and wonder, from one moment to the next, what sort of “life” we will be be expected to live?? There honestly seems to be no end!!!

Well, as I said, as a no-body, in our quiet little home on our street in a nothing little town, I just can’t help but feel completely lost sometimes. In my mind, my spirit, my loneliness, I quietly cry out – God, WHERE ARE YOU?? Then, again, in the stillness of my spirit, deep in my heart, the quiet, gentle voice always says, “I’m still here, on my throne, and am still in control”! I KNOW with all my existence this to be true. But, I still can’t help but seem somewhat lost in such a crazy world.

Recently, the Holy Spirit reminded me in my heart, it’s understandable why you feel the way you do. Especially these days. Because of your life in Jesus Christ, this is not your home! So, your desire is for that which is to come. A yearning from God the Father that grows stronger by the day. The more I thought on this the more it seemed, well, natural to feel this way. The world may be going where it’s going but, the plans my God has for us who are in Jesus, are beyond what we could ever imagine!! I may well be a “no-body” in this world, this life, but to my Jesus, I am everything! He gave it all – JUST FOR ME!! And, is it ok for me to say such a thing? Yes, I do believe it is. And, so can everyone else who belongs to God through Jesus Christ!

I sense in my heart, if I can put it that way, we have reached a time where ALL us “no-bodies” need to join together in prayer like never before!! Every one of us! At home, at work, or where ever. Pray for those of our families who are lost. Pray for our nation, our President. Pray for God’s will to be done!!! And, EXPECTANTLY wait our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to come in the clouds and TAKE US HOME!!

I do realize, there are those who are Masters even Doctors of Theology who are able to put things so much more eloquently than I. Learned individuals, great Ministers of large churches, great speakers to multitudes. How I honor these individuals, respect them, and greatly learn from their teachings. Yet, as a follower of Jesus Christ, He has given me a mission; to simply share the Good News of Jesus Christ as I go my way. As a truck driver, I do try to do this. As a lowly “no-body” I often times feel totally inadequate to share the Good News with those I meet. Yet I do and pray the Holy Spirit will water and grow what ever seed may have been planted by my words. And, as I stated previously, ALL us “no-bodies” need to join together in prayer like never before. Even if you’ve allowed yourself to get so caught up in the world and really don’t have a prayer life, we need to start one. Every day, praying like never before.

So, by my simple words, I do ask, EVERYONE who belongs to Jesus Christ, let us begin praying and keep on praying. The times are tough no doubt and the day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I do believe, is drawing near, let us PRAY!


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