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Only One Thing Can Satisfy You

Only One Thing Can Satisfy You
By Jordan Chamblee

My wife and I recently finished moving into our new home. I remember watching the progress daily as it was being built, a plastic-wrapped structure with open holes instead of windows and doors. Sometimes we’d walk through the interior, daydreaming about the day when we’d leave our little apartment for the last time and finally move into our real home – the home we’d live in for a very, very long time.

I couldn’t help but think that once we closed the front door behind us, my life would truly begin. But the truth is, once we moved into the house I began to look forward to the next big beginning, whatever that is. I realize more and more with each passing year that there will never be a point in my life when I feel as if I’ve arrived.

I tend to look for fulfillment in the good things of life – family, creativity, and work. I believe this is true of most people. But these things can never satisfy my truest and deepest longings. That void can only be filled by an eternity spent with Jesus Christ.

When you find yourself believing that the next big thing in your life will finally satisfy you, remember these two things: You are an eternal soul, and only an eternal God can satisfy you. Learn to accept the pangs of longing in your life even as you enjoy all the good gifts God gives you. Let them be a reminder that God Himself is your promised inheritance.

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