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Forgiveness – Part 2

Forgiveness – Part 2
By Dennis Huebshman

During my lifetime, I’ve had some issues with others where I believed I was wronged. Too many times, I let time and space come between me and the ones I felt were responsible without any reconciliation. Even though they are not around physically anymore, they have been with me mentally. I have realized that as long as I have unforgiveness in my heart, I am not following the will of My Savior. Therefore, how do I reconcile and get through the forgiveness if I can’t do this in person.

About 30 years ago, I called out to Jesus to forgive me and be my Savior. I had known about Him all my life but had never sincerely accepted His offer of eternal life. I believe now I am forgiven and have accepted the free gift He gave for me.

Of course, any time anyone accepts the Lord, satan will go on the attack. Since my “rebirth” satan has brought back to my mind the unforgiveness in me, and I have realized I have to do something to get past this. How many times have I prayed, “…and forgive me my trespasses as … I forgive others…” OOPS! Problem Here! Satan rejoices when he can cause us to doubt our Faith. Left unchecked, we become miserable and listen to his lie that we are not worthy of the Father I have come to realize that if it’s still in my mind, I need to ask forgiveness for others as well as myself.

Several years ago, it was put on my heart how I could overcome this, and a way was given as to how to do it. I had heard about how someone had lost a parent and wished they could tell that parent things they always wanted to, but never did. Someone told them to sit in a room alone with an empty chair in front of them and imagine the parent was sitting there. They were to say all that they would if the person was actually facing them, and to hold nothing back.

This sounded foolish at first, but the more it went through my mind, the more logical it became. There was no way I could contact all those who were on my mind as I had no idea where many of them were, or even if they are still alive. Some of the events went back to my childhood, and that’s a lot of years ago.

One day, I was home alone, and I sat and looked at an “empty” chair. For all those I could remember, I told them I forgave them of anything they had supposedly done to me, and even added anyone who I may have missed that God knew about just to be sure. I wanted every bit of malice out of my heart.

Next, it dawned on me that it usually takes two to have an issue. More than I’d like to admit, I was probably the direct cause of some mistreatments. So, while I forgave, I asked for forgiveness as well for my part in any involvement in any issue. To be honest, several things came to mind that I realized were my fault.

Was there instant relief – No. In fact, I ended up with a prayer to the Father that He give me the peace of mind that the past was trying to take away. Every now and then, a thought still comes to mind, and I realize satan hasn’t given up. Now I channel this directly to the Father because I know on my own I can’t handle these issues. I also know that being forgiven by the Father equals eternal forgiveness, so I give the issues to Him knowing He can and will handle them.

Too much of our lives is wasted with events from our past that we can do nothing about except get relief from our Lord. Does the forgiveness mean we must totally trust those that caused the problems? Hardly, but it’s reassuring to know God has the control.

We are instructed to Love all our brothers and sisters as ourselves, but we don’t necessarily have to like what they do. Remember, they don’t have to like what we do either. I’m more at peace knowing I’ve done what I can do for my part in the episode. It leaves me free for more time to worship My Savior and all He’s done for me. I can concentrate on Loving Him and looking forward to being with Him forever.

In the last post on forgiveness, the Biblical Assurance you can and will be totally forgiven if you ask.

Meanwhile, accept Jesus today in the even He returns before tomorrow comes!

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