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Bad News: No Perfect Church to Imperfect People

Bad News: No Perfect Church to Imperfect People
By Julio Severo

A usual complaint from people who left the church is that they found something bad in the church. They did not like the sermons of the minister. They did not like the service format. They did not like other members. Their complaints are infinite.

During the years, I found the same problems, but they never surpassed my supreme attention, which was in Jesus Christ. When I saw a minister involved in adultery, my faith was not destroyed because my trust was not centered on the man, but in Jesus Christ.

When I saw other scandals in the church, my faith was not destroyed because Jesus was everything to me. His Word was my guide. Prayer was my communication with God.

If the Bible and prayer were not my main base, I could easily depart from a nominal Gospel.

If a perfect church was a deterrent for apostasy, Judas Iscariot, who was an official apostle of Jesus, would have never departed from Jesus. So Jesus had a perfect church, but his apostles were not perfect.

And what to say about Adam and Eve? His only master was God. Even so, they fell from grace and sinned. So to speak, they had the perfect church and the perfect Pastor, but they chose to fall.

What can we learn from these lessons? If you do not have a perfect church, you always have a perfect Bible and direct communication with the perfect God through prayer.

If you have a perfect church, as Adam and Eve had and as the apostles of Jesus had, you will be always the problem, because you will be always imperfect.

Of course, there are heretical churches that preach what is contrary to Bible and God’s will. These are not imperfect churches. They are demonic churches.

Imperfect churches preach the Gospel in an imperfect way. They do not deny God Father, God Son and God the Holy Spirit. They do not deny baptism. They do not deny salvation only through Jesus Christ. They do not deny the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Any church denying these essentials are more than imperfect and you should prayerfully find another church.

In other cases, you should seek transformation from God. Judas Iscariot had the perfect church, but he had many spiritual problems.

Adam and Eve had the perfect fellowship with God, but they chose bad option.

So the problem can be in you or in your church. Prayerfully consider if the problem is in you or your church. You will be surprised with the answers God will give you.

While you do not know if the problem is in you or your church, dedicate yourself to prayer and Bible reading. Pray one hour a day. Read the Bible one hour a day. Such spiritual discipline, done in a humble way, will open God’s Heaven to you and your family and lead you to a church where you will share God’s blessing to them and in some way God will use them to bless you.

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