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Time Has Come – Let’s Pray

Time Has Come – Let’s Pray
By Ronald Graham

“But the days will come, when the bridegroom shall be taken away from them…” – Luke 5:35.

Lord God Almighty, Your Bride has been patiently, sometimes impatiently, awaiting Your soon return. I and many of my brethren are so very tired of man’s attempts at governing this world; please Father send the Bridegroom to take over where man has so dismally failed. Surely the time has come for man to receive his final instructions as to who You are. This world has embraced every form of evil, no doubt in similar fashion to those who occupied space on earth during the antediluvian era. Your promise is that You will never again destroy the world with a flood, thank You for that promise Lord. But God, those of us who still read and study Your word know that You have every intention of destroying this world one last time, only this time by fire. God, this tells us You are fully prepared to unleash Your judgment once again; only this time on a Christ rejecting, evil, depraved and wicked world.

We are all guilty of sinning and deserve to be punished for our inequity. How can we ever thank You enough Lord Jesus for receiving that punishment in our stead. Over the past 2,000 years many people have placed their faith and trust in You Lord, but we also realize that many, many more have gone on to inhabit eternity fully removed from Your fellowship. We are very sorry God that that same situation is so prevalent and remains a growing phenomenon today. And as we look out on earth’s inhabitants we realize that most today are earth dwellers. In other words their home is this earth and they have no intention of leaving it for something they can neither see nor touch.

Lord, Satan’s pride has now been grasped by humanity at large and has become a major stumbling block for receiving the truth of the Gospel. As Your children, we find performing the great commission given to all saints exceedingly more rejected than ever before. So Father, we are wondering if by chance the time has come that You are at the very cusp of removing Your children from off the face of this deteriorating planet?

Please Father, we are not complaining as we pray and ask these questions, we are only affirming our readiness to be received up into glory. Man cannot see into the future, but by Your word we realize we are in for some pretty tough times ahead. Men’s hearts and all the evil at hand will only get worse as the days proceed. Therefore, the only eye opening events being played out before Your Church are more and more evil continually.

Abba Father, it is our sincere prayer that apart from all the wonderful blessings You continually provide to Your children here on earth, and for which we are all extremely grateful, that we may now enlist Your full intervention in our governmental situations. If that is not Your plan then we ask You Father to provide us with a most speedy exit form planet earth. Of course Father we do understand that we are to hold fast and occupy until You come. It’s now become our most sincere hope that that hour is upon us and that our extraction will soon be complete.

As this world government falls further and further into the abyss Father, know this, Your saints remain steadfast in their resolve to proclaim Your Gospel to all nations, and we know that before the very end comes when our Lord returns with us, His saints, to rule and reign for 1,000 years that that Gospel will have been preached to all the nations worldwide. So all the nations of the world will have had the same opportunity to hear the Gospel and respond.

But Lord, we are in the here and now, and as such we have witnessed the exceedingly pervasive deterioration of Your once perfect creation. We’ve not seen any signs of a reversal of the second law of thermodynamics (entropy). On the contrary, everything is still falling apart exponentially, especially Father, these bodies You gave us. Even though we can remember a much more fluid gate in our step, many of us now have much difficulty in maneuvering these bodies. Again Father we’re not complaining only pointing out what You already know.

Certainly Father, this prayer could be misconstrued as the mere grumblings of spoiled children, but I would hope not in Your eyes. What we are praying for, Father, apart from Your immediate intervention in the affairs of man, is such a clamor of voices all praying this prayer that even our government leaders would hear and “change” their evil ways. That they would begin to follow Your precepts set forth in Your word. We know, Father, that there is a time and a season for all things under Heaven, and we are in hopes that this prayer is in perfect timing with Your will.

As You well know Father, Your children are not in perfect sync today, especially in regards to Your inerrant word. Many hold to the doctrines of men and place much more importance on those doctrines than in Your own words. This concept is especially hard to grasp for many of us as we are all supposedly born of the same Spirit. It’s becoming more and more difficult Father to find a pastor and a congregation that proclaim the inerrant truth of word. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being replaced, in many churches, by something that feels good but which has no redeeming qualities. At a time when we, the body of Christ, should be standing firm and united as one body, we instead seem to be fracturing and splintering at an alarming rate. God, we need Your Holy Spirit more now than ever before.

The enemy is hard at work, Father, establishing his warfare strategy, recruiting leaders and infantrymen and women to fight against Your Church. The roadblocks and obstacles he throws at us are, at times, quite debilitating. Yet Father, we know You are with Your children through every day. Still Father, it is our continuing prayer that Jesus Christ will return and evacuate His bride soon.

God, Your children fear nothing of this earth, it’s only our deep desire to be with You forever more. The corrupt lifestyles that are paraded before us, the ugly filthy contempt that many of our fellow citizens have for You and for us makes life, at times, almost unbearable. Evil continually bombards our minds, and is set daily before our eyes and has become a burden that none of us wish to endure further, but we will Father. We will hold fast ‘til Jesus tarries no longer. No matter what evil this way comes, our hearts and our souls are steadfastly Yours.

Lastly Father, we pray that You never lift Your covering of protection from upon the children you call sons and daughters. We resolve to spread Your Gospel of truth even until the very final moment before our Bridegroom returns, and may we do so as the body of Christ. This, Father, is our prayer today and every day until we are caught up to forever be with our Lord, Jesus the Christ. We praise You and worship You and glorify Your holy name.

Blessings to all my Christian brethren as we pray together.


Ron Graham
[email protected]
All scripture is from the KJV and God breathed

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