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Religious Deception

Religious Deception
By Mike Gendron

Since the earliest times organized religion has displayed a lamentable inability to distinguish between the truth of God’s Word and false presentations of it. Satan’s strategy to attack, misrepresent and pervert the Christian religion has continued unabated throughout the last 2000 years. It is our duty to expose all forms of deception and warn the victims who have embraced the lie.

I have compassion for those who are committed to a religion without any real understanding of what the religion is about. For example, to be “committed to Roman Catholicism” simply because a person was born into a Catholic family is foolish. To be loyal to a religion without investigating its core doctrines, its lifeblood, is ignorance masquerading as faithfulness. It is the skin of devotion stuffed with pride, arrogance, and fear.

I have a deep compassion for “religious” people who mechanically live out their “faith” because they’ve been told it’s the thing to do. People who follow religious leaders and rituals blindly are too proud to admit their lives are empty…too parallized by deceit to investigate the Truth. They do not know why they believe what they do. They have blindly inherited someone else’s tradition. Their religion determines their identity and they will defend it even if they are not actively involved in it. Their faith is so “personal” that they dare not speak of it to others? They swallow every false teaching as Truth without question.

Each individual has a right to embrace God’s truth or reject it. But don’t expect me or others like me to cheer you on as you stomp proudly toward hell’s gates. Expect us to be bitterly angry, savagely grieved, and desperately fighting. We are angry at a very real enemy (the master deceiver) for being such a devious and convincing liar. We are grieved at the destiny you have chosen. We are fighting and praying for your very souls.

And it is a battle we are determined to continue to fight — not for ourselves, but for you. If we step on your toes in the process, forgive us. But don’t expect us to give up the fight simply because it becomes uncomfortable for you. If our roles were reversed, I hope you would do as much for me. “Pride goes before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). How grievous for the countless millions with religious pride that their fall is into the pit of everlasting torment.

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