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Doctrinal Smorgasbord?

Doctrinal Smorgasbord?
by Mike Gendron

Many of my dear friends and family members are practicing Roman Catholics. I often ask them questions regarding the official traditions and doctrines of their church. Rather than answer my questions they usually respond, “Oh, I don’t believe that.” So common and casual is this statement that I’m reminded of a plentiful smorgasbord offering a variety of favorite and not so favorite dishes. As one approaches, he may pick and choose only those items that suit his taste. Many Catholic may not be aware that by definition a dogma is an infallible teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and must be believed by all Catholics under the penalty of anathema, (eternal condemnation). This really becomes a dilemma when dogmas oppose the Bible.

A number of professing Christians treat the Bible the same way many Catholics treat their dogmas. They choose scriptures to believe while ignoring or spiritualizing the rest. The key question for those who do not use the entire Bible as the standard for truth is, “how do you determine which part to believe in?”

When we are influenced by the opinions, philosophies and traditions of men we have a tendency to create our own god rather than acknowledge the God of the Bible. Why not go to the source of all truth, to the One who is truth and whose Word is truth? Seek the one who created life rather than a fallible human being whose opinions are only as trustworthy as the next man’s.

In determining which part of the Bible is palatable, consider what Dr. Tony Evans recently communicated. Parts of the Bible are as sweet as chocolate cake and other parts are as unsavory as squash, but nutrients are gained by ingesting a balanced diet. In order to maximize our growth into spiritual maturity we must swallow it all, for it is all good for the soul.

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