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The Secret Rapture

The Secret Rapture
By Chris Schang

The secret rapture event is a theological event that the Bible foretells will happen during the end times when millions and millions of people across the world will suddenly “vanish” or “disappear” without any kind of advance signs or warnings. The rapture of the church is when the Lord Jesus Christ suddenly appears in the air, with the sound of the archangel’s trumpet, and believers both dead and alive will meet the Lord in the air and return with him to Heaven.

People who are left behind after the secret rapture, will find themselves in shock and disbelief at the mysterious event. Some unbelievers will try to explain away the “vanishings” as some sort of “evolutionary process” where people who were “not ready” were removed from Earth so that mankind can move forward in the evolutionary process. This is likely to be the excuse of people who have placed their faith in the science book rather than God’s Word which is found in the Holy Bible. Still others will find some other excuse so they can continue in their unbelief and wicked ways.

Immediately after the rapture it is likely that the people left behind will be completely stunned that the rapture of the church has finally happened. Many will be in state of unbelief and it is also likely many will be in denial that the secret event called the rapture has finally happened as foretold by the Holy scriptures. The rapture is described as happening in the “twinkling of an eye” which modern science has estimated to be a small fraction of a second. As a result, people will be walking on Earth one second and then find themselves walking in Heaven the next. The rapture will only be for people who placed their trust and faith in their salvation on the completed work of the Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross. People who have not made a decision for Jesus Christ will suddenly find themselves left behind to face the Tribulation period and the wrath of God to come. The Tribulation period will be a time unlike any ever seen on Earth. It will be a time when God pours out his wrath on unbelievers, both Jew and Gentile. The Bible also calls this time of wrath as the “time of Jacob’s trouble” in reference to the Tribulation period or the Day of the Lord.

Typical portrayals of the rapture event in books and movies usually have what appears to be a normal everyday scene of people going about their daily lives when suddenly, out of the blue, people vanish into thin air. People suddenly disappearing without any warning is often cited as the reasons for car wrecks, airplanes falling out of the sky, buses rolling into buildings, and many other scenarios where people who were suddenly raptured caused chaos back on Earth. Key personnel will be missing, the economy will take a severe blow, food distribution, and transportation services will take a sudden blow. Chaos will suddenly be the order of the day after the rapture of the church. While it is hard to tell exactly how the rapture event will play out in the real world, we can be assured that the rapture will indeed happen as Bible prophecy continues to head to a climax in the in the middle east and in the world.

And finally, some people will realize what has happened and will come to faith in the Lord as a result. These are the people who sat on the fence about making a decision for Jesus Christ until it was too late. But the good news is that salvation can be acquired after the rapture, but it is likely that one will end up suffering a martyrs death as a result. These are the Tribulation saints that are spoken about in Revelation 7. These will be the people who needed just one more undeniable piece of evidence that God was real and waited too long as a result. The Bible says that today is the day of salvation. Don’t put it off, tomorrow could be too late. Get saved today!!

God bless.

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