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Secret Rapture?

Secret Rapture?
By Chris Schang

The secret rapture is a blessing that has provided to his church. Out of all the dispensations the age of grace through faith is the only one that provides for the blessed hope of the secret rapture. The rapture is said to be secret because the timing of the event is not know. The rapture is also an event that is imminent meaning that it could literally happen at anytime. This assurance from the Lord of the rapture is to help keep Christians focused on the Lord and his promises to the church.

The secret rapture is also a guarantee of the Holy Spirit’s deposit in believers. When a person gets saved the Holy Spirit takes up residence inside a believer to be the comforter that God has promised. God also said that the Holy Spirit would also help teach us things so that we can discern between godly things and the things of the world. As a believer I’m sure many of you are on a regular basis feeling the conviction and warnings from the spirit of God as the Holy Spirit serves to show us things that the natural and unsaved man can not see. This gift of the Holy Spirit is truly a blessing to us all. God doesn’t want us left in the dark as we are new creations thanks to faith in Jesus’ death on the Cross.

The Holy Spirit can also help us see things in the scriptures that shows us that God never pours out his wrath on his believers. So we ca have confidence that when the secret rapture takes place and millions upon millions of people simply vanish off the face of the earth that we can know that God is always faithful and never pours out his wrath on believers.

The secret rapture is supported by numerous scriptures in the Bible. The Bible says that we are not destined to wrath but to salvation in Jesus Christ. This is such a wonderful expectation that everyone should be looking for this imminent event all the time. The Bible tells us that were are to remain sober and also watching for the rapture. Jesus described his removal of Christians in the rapture as being similar to a thief who comes in the night and that the master of the house is shocked when he sees his possessions gone. So this describes perfectly the world’s response when Christians suddenly vanish out of then air and are taken to Heave by the Lord and the marriage supper of the lamb takes place. Believers will also take part in the Bema seat of Christ when Jesus passes out crowns and rewards for our faithful service since being born again.

I’d like to encourage everyone to continue to watch eagerly for the rapture of the church as the signs of the end times point to the soon return of the Lord Jesus of his church. Let us continue to be like watchmen on the wall who are always looking for blessed hope of the rapture. Let us also pray for the peace of Jerusalem and that God’s will is done on earth as it is done in Heaven.

God bless.

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