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Rapture Watch

Rapture Watch
By Chris Schang

Every Christian living in these end times should be watching for the rapture of the church. I like to think of this as being on “Rapture Watch” as we eagerly await the imminent rapture of the church. While the rapture could have happened at any point in past history, the fact is that it didn’t should motivate believers to get that much more excited about the “blessed hope” of the rapture.

However, as the end times move on and we get closer to the fulfillment of the prophetic end times we can expect to see more and more people abandon the rapture watch. The Bible warns that in the last days scoffers will come and mock the coming of the Lord. As a result, many people will fall into despair as we move closer to the final end times events and the rapture may or may not have occurred. This is why it is so important to be on the rapture watch as the Lord said that he would come like a thief to take believers to glory. The Lord emphasized how important it was to carry on with the rapture watch as he would come when people least expected it.

Today, the average Christian has very little interest in the rapture and many have stopped looking for it at all. They have abandoned their posts on the rapture watch. Why people would abandon hope of the rapture of the church is something I can’t understand. It should be of the most importance of Christians as Jesus will return in the air, call all believers both those that are dead and those who are alive, and take them home to glory. No more sickness, no more sorrows, no more death, no more things of this world. The former things will have passed away. Only bright and happy days will be ahead at the rapture. So with this in mind let this be a call for everyone to return to their posts and be on the rapture watch!! Jesus is coming soon!!

God bless.

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