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The Rapture Report – Vladimir Putin signs law banning gender changes in Russia

The Rapture Report – Vladimir Putin signs law banning gender changes in Russia
By Chris Schang

Last month, Vladimir Putin signed a law banning gender changes in Russia. This is in stark contrast to the West where it seems that the LGBTQ+ agenda has taken over the world as more and more people are being brainwashed into thinking they are the wrong gender.

While there has always been people who have wanted to be a different sex than what they were born, modern science and medicine have gone to the “dark side” in making gender change surgeries the latest fad with impressionable adults and children. Sadly, many of these surgeries have had serious repercussions that have even led to death.

The Jerusalem Post is reporting:

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill banning the legal recognition of transgender people and banning gender-affirming surgeries and services on Monday, according to Russian media reports from July 25.

Under the new law, “medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person” and “the state registration of a change of gender without an operation” were criminalized, The Moscow Times reported.

The law also bans post-surgery transgender people from adopting children and annuls the marriages of post-surgery transgender people. The law was passed unanimously by both houses of Russian parliament. The new bans are said to be a reaction to “Western anti-family ideology” and a restoration of “traditional values,” according to The Guardian.

We are seeing an unprecedented rise in people who think they are gay and of people who think they are in the wrong gender. Many schools in the USA are being used by leftists and liberals to promote the LGBTQ+ lifestyle to impressionable young kids in elementary and secondary schools.

Teachers are abusing their powers in school by pushing these LGBTQ+ agendas and many are doing so while hiding it from a child’s parents. This is totally unacceptable, and many have labeled it child abuse. I believe that it certainly does qualify as child abuse as many of these kids don’t fully understand what they are doing and what they are agreeing to. They don’t fully understand that they are making lifelong medical decisions about their lives. And the sad thing is that the adults who push these things do know these things and yet oftentimes don’t explain this to them.

Oftentimes, young people need counseling and reassurances that they are the sex that they are born with. The unhealthy pushing of surgical procedures and drugs to change gender is disturbing. It simply is not healthy. There have been numerous brave and courageous voices of people who transitioned only to later regret their decisions. Many of them complain that they were not fully informed of what all they were getting into. Many have said they would have never gone through with the gender change process if they knew then what they know now. Some regret their decisions, but due to pride and embarrassment never come forth and say so.

Sadly, some of these people go on to commit suicide as they were told false things about the gender change process and become overburdened by the lifestyle after the process. While I do not care for Valdimir Putin, I do think he has done the right thing here for his country as this movement is totally anti-family and is focused on the destruction of the family unit that God has ordained in the Bible.

Children are often confused with the world and with themselves as they grow up. Instead of being reassured of their genders, many LGBTQ+ activists are pushing them to cut off healthy sexual organs and be something that they are not. Even if someone undergoes a gender change process, they are always the sex they were born. A person’s sex is determined in their DNA and no amount of surgery or hormones will ever change that. For example, a man who “transitions” to being a transgender woman will always have to be medically treated as a man due the underlying biological system that can’t be changed.

We need to see more legislation against the LGBTQ+ lobby and agenda that is destroying our family and friends. This unhealthy and sexually preoccupied agenda is destroying our youth and corrupting our society. This is not just in the USA, but this LGBTQ+ agenda is taking hold throughout the whole world.

We need to pray that the children and adults who are ambushed by the LGBTQ+ agenda in schools and universities are given the counseling and resources they need to see that they are loved by God and that there is a purpose in their life just as they are without undergoing the destructive life changing gender change surgery and treatments. We need to help these people see that living a lie for the rest of their life is not in their best interests.

The rise of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle and gender change agenda is a sure telltale sign that we are living in the end times and that the return of the Lord Jesus Christ is sooner than many of us can image.

Keep looking up!

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