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The Rapture Report – San Francisco Gives Drugs And Booze To Some Addicts And Homeless Isolating From The Coronavirus

The Rapture Report – San Francisco gives drugs and booze to some addicts and homeless isolating from the Coronavirus

The Rapture Report – San Francisco gives drugs and booze to some addicts and homeless isolating from the Coronavirus
By Chris Schang

Just when you thought it could not get any worse in the State of Californication, we come across this little gem of an article from the San Francisco Chronicle that highlights the leftist insanity in San Francisco that makes socialist outhouses like Venezuela, North Korea, Cuba, etc. look like a 5-star hotel.

From the San Francisco Chronicle news article:

San Francisco’s health department confirmed Wednesday that the city was administering alcohol, tobacco, medical cannabis and other substances in an effort to prevent a handful of people quarantined or isolating in city-leased hotels from going outside to get the substances themselves.

The hotel residents are also receiving medications such as methadone — delivered by methadone clinics — to tamp down heroin cravings. It’s all part of a widely used “harm reduction” approach to helping addicts stay inside and curb the spread of the novel coronavirus while coping with the loss or reduction of their core drugs.

In San Francisco if you have a drug or alcohol problem the health department will put you up in a hotel and deliver your booze, druggies, cigarettes, and whatever else you need to help cope with being isolated from the rest of the world due to the Coronavirus. I wonder if money for gambling, prostitutes, and other vices are also included? Afterall, it’s San Francisco, it can’t hurt to ask.

Instead of trying to rehabilitate these people, the health department is now encouraging and supporting the addiction problems of the homeless. Many of the homeless are that way because of their drug problems. The last thing they need is the health department or government agency feeding their addictions. But this is San Francisco, you know, the “woke” capital of the world. The same State of Californication that brings you the likes of Nutsy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom, Adam Schiff, and Diane Feinstein. No wonder this happening. This is what a socialist paradise looks like in real practice.

Finally, the SF Chronicle article goes on to say:

The city-rented hotels have been reserved for individuals who either have COVID-19 or are at heightened risk of catching it, and who have no space of their own to safely self-isolate or quarantine. And some of those individuals have substance-abuse issues or are already on a methadone regimen. The city’s health department is doing what it can to help those individuals through the duration of their self-isolation or quarantine period, said Jenna Lane, a spokeswoman for the Department of Public Health.

“They’re doing San Francisco a great service by staying inside,” Lane said. “We’re saying, ‘We’re doing what we can to support you staying inside and not have to go out and get these things.’” The health department is also making clinicians and social workers available to anyone who wishes to begin addiction treatment while under DPH’s supervision in the hotels. No taxpayer money was being used to administer the substances to hotel guests, Lane said, only private donations.

That’s really swell of the health department to “fetch” whatever substances the “special individuals” need in order to maintain their addictive states. And all the homeless drug and alcohol addicts are doing us, the rest of society, a great favor by staying inside and self-medicating during the crisis. I wonder if they are going to give the homeless addicts medals for the great service they are doing the community?

Meanwhile, downtown San Francisco is littered with cardboard boxes, piles of fresh excrement, and empty syringes as far as the eye can see. Somehow these 270 lucky individuals got picked out of the hordes of the homeless roaming the streets of San Francisco and were the recipients of the health department’s all-expense paid vacation to the nearest hotel for the duration of the Coronavirus situation. Drugs, booze, and only God knows what else they are being supplied with courtesy of the health department. And of course, this being done with private donations, so that makes it worthwhile and even better. I would not be surprised if the “woke” tech giants of the Bay area are involved in this or some other extreme leftist and socialist democratic cause.

If you are a business owner or person who just wants to work, you are off on your own thanks to socialist democrats who are ruining the state. This is what socialism looks like with Nutsy Pelosi and her $24,000 refrigerators and gourmet ice cream while the homeless are put up in hotels while being catered to their addictions.

From all the things going on in the country today, there seems to be no end in sight to the craziness. If it is not the folks in San Antonio trying to control speech, the folks in San Francisco serving booze and drugs to the homeless, it is New York putting senior citizens in medically compromising situations in nursing homes that results in needless deaths. This is what socialism governance looks like.

They can find money to put the homeless up in hotels, but when it comes to having enough money for needed ventilators, tough luck!

These sort of things show us that man, no matter how hard he tries, can’t fix his problems. The answer to the problems we face is Jesus Christ! Not leftist and socialist policies that have never worked and they never will. Only Jesus can solve our addictions, problems, and sinful ways. We can see the world is surely spiraling downward and times are getting worse just as the Bible predicted during the end times.

With Israel back in the land and the converging of all kinds of end times signs, one would be wise to make a decision for Jesus Christ while there is still time. The Bible tells us that there is no name under Heaven in which to be saved, except by Jesus Christ. If you have not made that decision today, do it NOW! With the way things are going, tomorrow could be too late.

For those of us who can see what the spirit says about how close we are to the rapture of the church. I encourage all of you to keep looking up, for our redemption is drawing nigh!

God bless.

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