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The Rapture Report – Putin puts doomsday nuke dubbed Satan-2 on combat duty for the first time

The Rapture Report – Putin puts doomsday nuke dubbed Satan-2 on combat duty for the first time
By Chris Schang

The war in Ukraine continues to rage on. In recent news articles there are reports that Ukraine is making some progress against Russia in the southern Ukraine region. Ukraine wants to liberate the Crimea peninsula from Russia that they seized illegally in 2014.

Russia is finding it harder and harder to find any good news out of Ukraine. Desperate and hawkish voices within Russia are calling for them to use their nuclear arsenal in Ukraine to win the war there. With Russia’s troops performing worse and worse with each passing day, there is little to celebrate in Ukraine for Russia.

An article in the UK from The Sun reports on these growing voices in Russia calling for a nuclear response:

Vladimir Putin has placed the world’s most powerful Armageddon nuclear rocket dubbed Satan-2 on combat duty in a haunting new threat to the West. The “unstoppable” intercontinental missile system could “sink the UK” and is the size of a 14-storey tower block.

Yury Borisov, head of the Russian Space Agency, issued the chilling announcement earlier today. He told a crowd of students at an event: “The Sarmat strategic complex has been put on combat duty.” Borisov also said today that Russia will “most likely” undock the Russian module from the International Space Station after 2030.

The Armageddon weapon is 116 feet in length and can be loaded with 15 light nuclear warheads at once. The weapon was designed to carry out nuclear strikes in countries thousands of miles away in the US and Europe. It has the potential to obliterate the United Kingdom some 1,600 miles away in just six minutes.

And with an operational range of up to 11,180 miles, the deadly missile is reported to have no equivalent in the West in terms of the terror it could unleash. The 208-tonne missile was meant to go on duty in late 2022 but was mysteriously delayed.

As we can see the Russia propagandists are calling on Putin to use the nuclear weapons threat to deter the West from helping Ukraine and at times, they are threatening NATO members like the UK as well. Russia has a long history of using the “escalate to de-escalate” strategy by ramping up remarks and threats in public with the goal of de-escalating whatever crisis is brewing at the moment. Russia, like other evil regimes in the world, only understands the language of force and strength.

While the escalate to de-escalate strategy is likely the case here, I have wondered at times if Russia will get desperate enough to use the nuclear option in Ukraine. While I guess we will have to wait and see, it does not take much imagination to see that it is quite possible that Russia could do this at some point in the future.

There have been many articles outlining Russia’s nuclear use policies and the main ones are the ability to use nuclear weapons when they are under immediate threat of having nuclear weapons used against them. Another policy area where they can use them is when there is an imminent threat of the homeland being destroyed whether by nuclear or conventional weapons. Some have speculated that if Ukraine continues to make gains to the point that Russia might lose the Crimea peninsula, they could declare that the homeland is threatened as they see Crimea as belonging to Russia.

It is hard to say what Russia will do in the future being that we can’t tell the future like God can. But I have wondered how Russia might be able to lead a coalition against Israel in the Gog-Magog scenario that is foretold by Ezekiel 38-39. With the way that Russia is losing in Ukraine, it seems hard to believe that they may try to invade Israel in the near future.

One way for Russia to stop the bleeding in Ukraine is to end it quickly with nukes. The problem with nukes is that Russia risks a nuclear response from the West as well as the rest of the world. With the new alliances forming between Russia and other evil regimes around the world it maybe that Russia’s use of nukes may be one of the reasons that the West throws only a mild protest when the Gog-Magog allies make a move on Israel.

With Russia losing soundly in Ukraine a quick change of fortunes by using nukes could end up emboldening Russia to move on Israel. The desire for revenge against the West would be strong. A perceived weak target like Israel could be just what Russia sees to strengthen its standing in the world with the rest of their “axis of evil” partners. It can be certain that Iran and many others listed in the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario will be more than happy to join in for the destruction of Israel once and for all.

While this is a potential scenario that I could imagine in the future that could happen, I am not sure that this will happen. I do not have any special knowledge of the future, but I think that it is one of many possible scenarios that could happen. I am just trying to show how things could quickly spiral down towards such an ending. Russia could probably lead the Gog-Magog coalition with just the forces they already have in Syria and that are already not far from the “mountains of Israel” that is where the Gog-Magog alliance comes from.

The point of talking about this scenario is that we need to keep watching the geopolitical landscape that is ever changing in the world today. There are many possible scenarios that could erupt at any time now as they relate to the end times. We need to keep reaching out to the lost in the world as time is clearly running out here in the end times.

With all of that said, Jesus is returning soon, so keep looking up!

God bless you.

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