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The Rapture Report – Philly Teacher: Parents With Access To Virtual Classrooms Would Do Damage To ‘Honest Conversations About Gender/Sexuality’

The Rapture Report – Philly Teacher: Parents With Access To Virtual Classrooms Would Do Damage To ‘Honest Conversations About Gender/Sexuality’
By Chris Schang

Well, the cat is out of the bag now that a Philadelphia teacher has taken to social media to inquire from other teachers about how best to deal with “conservative” parents, siblings, etc. listening in on virtual school classrooms this coming school year. The teacher is concerned about being able to have “honest” conversations about gender and sexuality. The teacher referred to this as their “equity/inclusion” work whatever that means. The truth of the matter is that this is where most of the children who experience these problems with gender identity and sexuality issues get confused in the first place when “liberal and progressive” teachers advocate unhealthy and destructive lifestyles to our children. This is a prime example of how public schools are not teaching our children what they are supposed to be teaching them and are in fact instead being used to “indoctrinate” them to the liberal and progressive sexual agenda.

It’s not unusual for children to sometimes have issues and concerns about themselves as they grow up during the school years, but the last thing they need are liberal and progressive teacher advocates who try to indoctrinate them in the LGBTQ+ lifestyles and all the gender fluid nonsense. I’ve seen some articles where some “experts” say gender is fluid that it could change several times a day. What kind of world are we living in to tell our children such utter nonsense?!!

The Daily Wire website featured an article about this situation and reported:

On Saturday, a teacher posted a thread on Twitter in which he bemoaned the possibility that parents who had access to watching their children’s virtual classrooms would do damage to “honest conversations about gender/sexuality” that teachers would have with students. The teacher, Matthew R. Kay, who was a founding teacher at Science Leadership Academy (SLA), a partnership high school between the School District of Philadelphia and The Franklin Institute, and authored the book, Not Light, But Fire: How to Lead Meaningful Race Conversations in the Classroom, wrote:

So, this fall, virtual class discussions will have many potential spectators — parents, siblings, etc. — in the same room. We’ll never be quite sure who is overhearing the discourse. What does this do for our equity/inclusion work?

How much have students depended on the (somewhat) secure barriers of our physical classrooms to encourage vulnerability? How many of us have installed some version of “what happens here stays here” to help this?

While conversations about race are in my wheelhouse, and remain a concern in this no-walls environment — I am most intrigued by the damage that “helicopter/snowplow” parents can do in honest conversations about gender/sexuality …

And while “conservative” parents are my chief concern — I know that the damage can come from the left too. If we are engaged in the messy work of destabilizing a kids racism or homophobia or transphobia — how much do we want their classmates’ parents piling on?


“Helicopter” parents is a term to refer to parents who supposedly exhibit an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of their child or children. stated, “The term ‘helicopter parent’ was first used in Dr. Haim Ginott’s 1969 book Parents & Teenagers by teens who said their parents would hover over them like a helicopter.”

“Snowplow” parents are the “newest embodiment of a hyper-intensive parenting style that can include parents booking their adult children haircuts, texting their college kids to wake them up so they don’t sleep through a test, and even calling their kids’ employers,” Business Insider reported.

In his book, Kay wrote, “When I was growing up, my parents used the term house talk to label conversations that I was not to share with anyone else. This term implied that people outside of our family wouldn’t understand, and involving them would annoyingly complicate things — or cause actual trouble.”

“Yet there has always been a difference between collegial banter and house talk, between the water cooler and the dining-room table,” he added. “It is dangerous to invite ourselves to the latter because we are tolerated at the former. We must, if we value our students’ right to determine healthy relationships, never accept invitations unless they have been proffered. We must, through earnest humility, earn our seats. Just as we cannot conjure safe spaces from midair, we should not expect the familial intimacy, vulnerability, and forgiveness needed for meaningful race conversations to emerge from traditional classroom relationships.”

“Familial intimacy depends on both parties feeling like a priority to the other,” Kay wrote. “We do not tend to feel close to those who continually treat us like afterthoughts. To preserve our emotional well-being, healthy people draw specific parameters around these relationships, saving our vulnerability for those to whom we are the greatest priority. This extends to the classroom, where most students consider their teachers only tangentially invested in their lives beyond their academic performance.”

This Philly teacher received pushback online by concerned parents and then he made his social media account private. I guess the next time he will think things through before he speaks especially when he is talking about indoctrinating other people’s children with sexually perverted nonsense. Conservative parents are absolutely right to be enraged that liberal teachers are “working” to indoctrinate their children in the classrooms.

In the mean-time with all the COVID-19 situation continuing and schools getting ready to re-open there are a lot of concerned parents who are looking to possibly homeschool their children. With a situation like this Philly teacher it gives parents one more thing to think about before they finalize their children’s education plans for this coming school year.

One thing that was shocking was the support and shared concern that other teachers had with Mr. Kay. This shows that this is not just an isolated incident but one that is a systematic problem in the education system. One of the greatest ways that the liberals and progressives have worked to destroy our conservative culture is through the educational institutions and access to impressionable young children. We know very well that today’s colleges are nothing but liberal woke-houses whereby normal kids come back fully indoctrinated in leftist theology. It’s even more sad to see that this indoctrination is starting out even earlier in the primary and secondary schools. The liberals and leftists are chomping at the bit to reach children at even younger ages in order to push their sexually perverted agendas.

At this time there is no indication that any corrective action has been taken regarding this outrage with Mr. Kay. Our children are not objects to be handed out to “woke” teachers who want to mold them in their own warped little ways. As parents we have a right and responsibility to be “fully engaged” in our children’s educations. Afterall, we the taxpayers are paying for it. Why should conservative parents be expected to pay for “liberal and woke” indoctrination in public schools that are in conflict with biblical and conservative values? The answer is we shouldn’t have to. Teachers are there to teach, NOT indoctrinate!

Seeing what is being done in the public-school classrooms these days is aggravating and very concerning to conservative parents. This sort of evil and brainwashing of children is clearly satanic in origin.

Please pray for the children as they get ready to go back to school this year. Whether it is in person, virtual, or something else we can see that the “woke” liberal teachers are scheming to continue their indoctrination agendas with our children. We can’t let this happen. Too much is at stake!

God bless.

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