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The Rapture Report – Iran unveils advanced ‘Mohajer-10’ drone able to strike Israel

The Rapture Report – Iran unveils advanced ‘Mohajer-10’ drone able to strike Israel
By Chris Schang

Iran announced the other day that they have unveiled their latest military drone called the “Mohajer-10” which is reported to be able to strike Israel. Analysts have noted that the looks a lot like one of the USA’s Reaper drones. This seems to be a significant development and maybe cause tensions, which are already high, to be escalated ever further.

As we all know Iran is the sworn enemy of Israel and has promised many times in the past to remove her from the Middle East. We have seen repeatedly calls from Iran and the enemies of Israel for the “Death of Israel” which they also refer to as the “Little Satan”. Iran also calls for the “Death of America” referring to the USA as the ”Great Satan”.

The Jerusalem Post news website reports:

Iran celebrated its national defense industry day with the unveiling of a new drone that it claims is the latest achievement of its defense industry. The “Mohajer-10” is supposed to have a range of 2,000 km. and the ability to fly for up to 24 hours at an altitude of 7,000 meters.

This means that Iran could use this drone to threaten Israel or US forces in the region. Iran’s drones have been in the spotlight in recent years because Iran supplies Russia with its Shahed 136 model kamikaze drones. The new drone has similarities to the US-made Reaper drone as well as other similar drones in this class of long-range UAVs that carry heavy payloads, such as missiles.


Many countries today make similar drones, such as China and Israel. Israel and the US were the major pioneers of modern drones such as the Predator, Hermes, and Heron drones.

Iran has become a recent player in the drone market, increasing the range and quality of its drones. Iran’s drones have their origins in the 1980s, but only in recent years has Iran been able to arm their drones, and extend their range and abilities. The major issue facing drone manufacturers is making large UAVs that can both carry missiles and hi-tech surveillance systems, and also communicate with their base at long ranges. This aids in precision and impacts how drones can carry out attacks or monitor enemies.


Iran’s drones have often been unveiled in the past with claims of new capabilities, such as new optics, radar, communications, and missile systems, yet many of them don’t live up to their reputations. Iran has used drones in the past that look like the US Predator and Reaper, in Syria and Iraq, and has exported drone blueprints to Hezbollah, the Houthis in Yemen, and Hamas. Iran even used drones to threaten Israel from Syria, however, many of these drones fly at low speeds, like flying lawnmowers, and don’t have large weapon payloads on board.

The Russian decision to acquire Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones has changed the game because kamikaze drones can wreak havoc at long ranges and with some precision. However, these drones are better suited to terrorizing civilians than as a strategic weapon.

As we all know the current war with Russia and Ukraine is showing us just how important the drones can be in modern fighting. While Russia is on the border with Ukraine, we are seeing lots of cheap quad-copter like drones being used to drop grenades and other explosives on enemy fighters. Ukraine is doing a great job with their use of inexpensive drones.

Larger drones like those mentioned in the article have been used by the USA and others in the war on terror across the Middle East. We are truly seeing the rise of drones in our time and I believe we will continue to see them used in the future.

Going back to the article I have been thinking how the drone development situation is going and how Iran could ramp it up during the next few years. With Iran getting closer and closer to a nuclear weapon, I think we could see Iran try to bring the fight to Israel sooner rather than later. Perhaps a drone could be used to deliver a nuclear weapon to Israel if they develop one with a significant payload ability in the future.

I would tend think that a move to stop Iran’s nuclear program could take place while PM Netanyahu is in office. This can has been kicked down the road for a long time now and something will eventually have to be done about it. There have already been remarks made about stopping Iran’s nuclear program since Netanyahu came back into office. We will have to wait and see for that. But as we see from Ukraine, drones have changed the way traditional wars are being fought.

I think Iran could feel embolden with their new drones and it may not be long before we see them being used to try to attack Israel. While Israel is most likely to be able to spot larger drones before they reach Israel, the use of the American Patriot missiles and the Israeli Iron Dome/David’s Sling/Arrow systems will help against Iran’s evil intentions. But I am sure that they will not be able to stop all of them. Israel will most likely have to act quickly against this situation should a situation break out.

I expect Iran will continue to develop more and more of these drone weapons for their hatred of Israel knows no bounds. The one thing that Iran doesn’t know is that the God of Israel neither sleeps nor slumbers. God sees everything and He has vowed that Israel will never be dispersed from the land again. He will eventually rise up and stop Israel from being destroyed.

Keep looking up!

God bless you.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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