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The Rapture Report – Gay Singer and Professing Christian’s Album Hits Top of Music Charts

The Rapture Report – Gay Singer and Professing Christian’s Album Hits Top of Music Charts
By Chris Schang

There has been some commotion in the music industry lately after a professing “gay Christian” singer reached the top spot in the iTunes Christian music category with an album that is clearly not Christian. The subject matter of the album is dark and disturbing to say the least. The singer took aim at the subjects of sex, Jesus, and race.

The gay Christian singer is “Semler” whose real name is Grace Baldridge. The album in question is called “Preacher’s Kid”. While she is actually the daughter of a preacher that sadly seems to be about as close to Christianity as she gets.

The Western Journal goes on to report:

According to Tyler Huckabee of Relevant magazine, an album titled “Preacher’s Kid” by the artist Semler has reached the top spot on the iTunes Christian chart. However, the content of the album is decidedly not Christian. Semler’s real name is Grace Baldridge. Huckabee said she is indeed the daughter of a preacher, and she struggled growing up inside the church. “The artist described the album as a ‘project about coming out as a queer person of faith,’” Huckabee said. Baldridge does describe herself as a person of faith in the album, but her words do not show it. Instead, she takes shots at the church and the Christian faith as a whole.


“Album standout ‘Jesus From Texas’ is a bracing, furious reckoning with America’s spin on White Republican Jesus and the women in Baldridge’s life whose relational connection was complicated or even severed by this warped idea of a Savior,” Huckabee said. It is hard to overstate just how despicable that statement is.

First, it conveys the notion that being a white Republican is wrong. But more importantly, what Huckabee calls “America’s spin on White Republican Jesus” seems to be the idea that churches believe in biblical values such as traditional marriage.

These values happen to be explicitly stated in the Bible. Mark 10:6-9 says, “But from the beginning of creation, ‘God made them male and female.’ ‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

This is a truth that companies like Apple and Relevant magazine simply don’t like, so they will do whatever they can to distort it. Baldridge also accuses the church of damaging the communities they are actually helping.

“The mission trips are scams; they do more harm than good,” Baldridge said in the song “Bethlehem.” While some mission trips may not be successful, the vast majority are helping the communities they reach out to, despite what Baldridge says. In addition to speaking negatively about the church, “Preacher’s Kid” also contains explicit language and concepts. In the same song, Baldridge alludes to the ideas of doing drugs, cursing and swearing off traditional marriage.

The article analyzes the situation and goes on to finally say:

Honestly, Baldridge’s story is saddening. As we know, Jesus calls us to love everyone, and Baldridge should never have been “cast out” or mistreated because of her sins. We all have our own. However, the problem is that Baldridge seems to want the church to accept not just her, but also her sins. The Bible tells us to love our neighbors despite their sins, but that’s not the same thing as accepting the sins themselves.

Publications like Relevant magazine attempt to misrepresent Christianity as a religion that does not accept “outsiders.” We know there are no “outsiders” in the kingdom of the Lord. There are certainly some churches that do turn certain sinners away, and that is not a biblical practice at all. Jesus would have us accept these people into our community, but at the same time, he would implore us to hold them accountable for their sins and encourage repentance. We hate the sin, not the sinner. Similarly, loving the sinner does not require us to love or even accept the sin.

While this album contains disturbing content, it is certainly Baldridge’s right to express such views. The bigger issue is that Apple has classified these anti-Christian views as “Christian.” When views that are explicitly in contrast to biblical teachings are called “Christian,” it has the potential for dire consequences. Teenagers and even younger children with access to iTunes could easily search the platform for Christian music. Now, they instead run the risk of finding songs promoting sex, drug abuse and other anti-Christian practices.

In addition, people who are not familiar with the Bible may believe the lie that the views expressed in this album are actually Christian views. This can give non-believers a completely false idea of Christianity. The best course of action here would be to keep this content away from your children. If they do happen to come across it, explain to them what true Christianity is and the manner in which Jesus would have us care for Baldridge herself.

This whole situation is very sad. Today in the age of apostasy and feel-good Christianity, the church has begun to embrace “all lifestyles” in an effort to appear “welcoming” to those who are held hostage by their sins. It is very common for churches to “accept sinners while also accepting the sins” which is not right. While the article is correct to love the sinners, we are to hate the sin, not become accepting of it. We are all guilty of sins and none of us is blameless or righteous by our own merits. We are all “filthy rags” and our works are disgraceful. There is not one who does right, except for the Lord. We are all in need for a savior for which there is Jesus Christ.

I am in agreement with the article that this situation is dangerous in that kids and young adults who are searching for “Christian” music are going to be at least surprised when they come across this music and at worst be led into thinking that the lifestyle of the singer is Christian when it is not. There is also the chance that people will get the wrong impression of Christianity. We see lots of examples in this current age where there are purposeful misrepresentations of the Bible. Some include the various “paraphrase” and “special interest” Bibles that promote whatever “perverted” idea it is the publisher wants to promote. All of this is done under the banner of “inclusiveness” or “equality” when it comes to alternate lifestyles. There are even so-called “bibles” that try to make God out to be a female or homosexual or transgender, etc. This is all blasphemy and an abomination to the Lord. We can never accept such things as this as they go clearly against the Word of God.

The truth is that God’s Word will never change despite what the current culture thinks is right. Homosexuality, abortion, drugs, etc. will never be “OK” in the eyes of God. The Bible tells that God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That does not mean that there is no chance for repentance and salvation. As we have already said, we are all sinners and are only saved through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ by faith. None of us deserve to be saved. We should call people like Grace Baldridge into repentance and into a real personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We should not cast them out, but at the same time we should not accept the LGBTQ lifestyle. Too many churches today are embracing this lifestyle that the Bible clearly calls an abomination and detestable. We can’t cave in to the culture wars.

The rise of the LGBTQ lifestyles in the world is a clear sign that the end of the age is coming soon. The Bible tells us that the end times will be like the days of Lot and the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were deep into sexual deviancy and perversion. The abominations of that time were numerous and every man did what was right in his own mind. We have clearly gotten to that point in the world today. It is just one more sign in the convergence of many signs that screams that the return of Jesus Christ is short.

Keeping looking up!

God bless.

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