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The Rapture Report – Biden Giving Illegals $2,200 Per Month Welfare, Only $1,400 to US Retirees

The Rapture Report – Biden Giving Illegals $2,200 Per Month Welfare, Only $1,400 to US Retirees
By Chris Schang

In another sickening example of how Joe Biden hates Americans and is trying to destroy our country, a news report is showing how Joe Biden is giving more money to illegal aliens and migrants than he does to U.S. retirees who have paid into the system during their working years.

Joe Biden says he cares about Americans, but his actions speak louder than words. We’ve seen the death and destruction that wide open borders cause in America. Yet Ol’ Sleepy Joe doesn’t lift a finger to stop this murder and mayhem from wrecking the lives of ordinary Americans who have to bury their family members that are killed in the streets or who die of overdose from the rampant trafficking of drugs across our borders.

A report from KTRH-AM740 Houston says:

You don’t hear much anymore about the crisis at the border, and you are definitely not going to hear anything about this. According to a release by the legal immigration group ‘ALIPAC’, the Biden administration is giving illegal aliens payments of $2,200 per month, compared to just $1,400 for U.S. retirees.

“The Biden-Harris administration is giving more money to illegal immigrant invaders, than to our own U.S. citizens” said William Gheen, president of ALIPAC, “Once a person understands that, then that person will always be on our side of the illegal immigration debate, which is very simple. Keep them all out, send them all home.”


“In an important story out of Arizona” Gheen told KTRH, “The Biden-Harris administration has ordered the border patrol to weld border gates and fencing open, and that should tell them everything that they need to know about illegal immigration is happening.”

It’s happening because the Democrats want it to happen. The ultimate goal is to radically change our country, and to get more votes.

It is my sincere hope that Americans remember this when they go to the polls in November 2024 and that they vote out every single Democrat in America. The truth of the matter is that Democrats do not care about America.

The only thing the Democrats listen to is the election results, which is why they spend so much time trying to cheat and steal elections like we saw in 2020.

Say NO! to corrupt and evil Democratic leaders who love power more than they do their fellow American citizens. Pray for this nation as the Democrats go about trying to destroy it.

God bless you!

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