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The Rapture Report – 8/7/2018 – Trump getting ready to roll out Middle East Peace plan?

The Rapture Report – 8/7/2018 – Trump getting ready to roll out Middle East Peace plan?
By Chris Schang

There seems to be a good bit of talk these days about the unveiling of U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan. Despite the PA refusing to talk about the plan due to President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, there seems to be quite a bit of anticipation in the air that President Trump maybe getting close to being ready to unveil part or all of the peace plan soon. To highlight this development there was an interesting article in the Jerusalem Post entitled “Trump increases staff for Israeli-Palestinian peace team” that talks about this. The Jerusalem Post article stated:

US President Donald Trump is adding staff to his Middle East peace team ahead of its rollout of a plan for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
The White House policy team, currently centered on three of the president’s closest advisers, is recruiting staffers from other government agencies to help them message the plan to the public. They also seek expert units on the plan’s political elements as well as its economic components, according to reporting by the Associated Press.


Jared Kushner, the president’s senior adviser leading the peace effort; and Jason Greenblatt, his special representative for international negotiations, “are expanding their team and the resources available as they finalize the details and rollout strategy of the peace initiative,” a National Security Council spokesman confirmed. “They continue to work very closely with the National Security Council staff and State Department.” David Friedman, the president’s ambassador to Israel, is also deeply involved in the planning.


The administration has been working on the plan for more than a year but few details are known of its contents. The team has yet to decide when it will begin the rollout, or how, including whether they will preview it with the parties before releasing it publicly. That will prove difficult with the Palestinian Authority, which cut off contact with the White House after Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on December 6 last year.

Members of the team broadly describe the plan as a detailed, pragmatic outline for a resolution to the conflict, focused heavily on economic revitalization of the Palestinian territories and on Israeli security guarantees. Up until now, they have avoided using the term “two-state solution,” which has led Palestinians to believe the plan will not explicitly endorse their sovereignty claims.

As we an see here the Trump plan will focus on realistic ways to improve the Palestinian territories, but I would doubt that the PA or Hamas will care much about that if they have to “accept” Israel and give up their pledge to destroy them. The whole basis for the existence of the PLO and Hamas is to destroy Israel. They are not interested in “living side by side in peace with Israel” as doing so would prove that Islam is not real or that it is weak. What good is it to improve the life of the PLO and Hamas in the Palestinian territories when all they do is attack and shoot rockets at Israel? There is no reason to make their life better or “reward” terrorism while they try to kill Israelis. In fact, I feel they should be cutoff completely. I feel that the UNRWA should be defunded and all monies that would go to it should be given to Israel instead. These so called “Palestinian” people have shown no intention to live in peace with Israel. The UNRWA is truly nothing but a terrorist organization masquerading as a humanitarian organization. There are numerous articles in the news about how UNRWA run schools, etc. are working in tandem with Hamas and hiding weapons for them. This essentially makes UNRWA a terrorist organization in my opinion. It is time for the games to stop and to put this anti-semitic organization out of business for once and for all.

I also think Israel should stop all funding of the PA and Gaza as long as they continue to pay the salaries of terrorists and to the families of terrorists who have attacked Israel. Just withholding an equal amount of wages that are paid out to terrorists is not enough. There should be zero tolerance for this. After all, zero tolerance is put up with many things that are far less severe as the continued payment of terrorist salaries. In other words, zero tolerance over bullying at schools, but no zero tolerance on terrorist activities? That is insane, not to mention stupid. It is time to hurt the Palestinians where it hurts and that is in the pocketbook.

I am tending to believe that the PA will refuse to even read the Trump peace plan as they have already essentially turned it down. To accept it after he releases it would make them look foolish after all the hoopla they have created about it. And they will not do that. The problem with the Palestinians is that they have shot themselves in the foot so many times that they do not have any toes left. I would imagine they will start aiming at their legs now. With recent articles coming out regarding the criticism of the UNRWA and the fact that it is a corrupt, anti-semitic, and essentially a terrorist organization it should be no surprise that getting rid of the UNRWA should be a priority. I expect the PA and company will resist this and try to “foil” any attempt at common sense negotiating with Trump and Israel. Unfortunately, I believe that while President Trump’s intentions and gestures to make peace are admirable, no progress will be made between Israel and the Palestinians.

I believe that this is truly a situation that only the Lord Jesus Christ can solve and solve He will one day when He rules from Jerusalem with an iron rod. In the meantime, I believe we will see more and more of the same in the near future.

Let us pray for Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem. Keep looking up, Jesus is coming soon!

God bless.

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