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The Rapture Report – 4/2/2018 – Israeli stealth fighters flying over Iran?

The Rapture Report – 4/2/2018 – Israeli stealth fighters flying over Iran?
By Chris Schang

A couple of days ago an article published by the Jerusalem Post made the claim that the IAF had flown two of their new F-35 stealth fighter jets through Syria and Iraq on their way to what I would see as a “dry run” for a future attack on the Iranian nuclear facilities. The big question that many are asking is if this story is true? That I’m not sure we can get a solid answer on, but it could be that the IAF either put the story out there to shake things up in Tehran when it didn’t really happen or it did happen and the Israelis are “testing the waters” before an actual bombing run. I believe that it is quite possible that either one of these scenarios could be true, so I believe that only time will tell about this.

Anyway, let’s look at what the Jerusalem Post article reported:

Two Israeli F-35 fighter jets entered Iranian airspace over the past month, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida reported on Thursday. The act is a signal of heightened regional tensions, especially in light of recent Israeli military attacks in Syria, including against Iranian bases in the country.

Sources quoted in Al-Jarida stated that two stealth fighters flew over Syrian and Iraqi airspace to reach Iran, and even targeted locations in the Iranian cities Bandar Abbas, Esfahan and Shiraz.

The report states that the two fighter jets, among the most advanced in the world, circled at high altitude above Persian Gulf sites suspected of being associated with the Iranian nuclear program.

The article went on to further report:

It also states that the two jets went undetected by radar, including by the Russian radar system located in Syria. The source refused to confirm if the operation was undertaken in coordination with the US army, which has recently conducted joint exercises with the IDF.

The source added that the seven F-35 fighters in active service in the IAF have conducted a number of missions in Syria and on the Lebanese-Syrian border. He underlined that the fighter jets can travel from Israel to Iran twice without refueling.

Israel has admitted to launching about 100 air strikes on Syria over the past five years, targeting Hezbollah terrorists, weapons convoys and infrastructure, and it is believed to be behind dozens more.

With a May 12th decision deadline coming soon for President Trump regarding the Iran deal, it is quite interesting that this article has come to the front. I think that if President Trump walks away from the Iran deal that it is quite probable that Iran will immediately ramp up their nuclear production which in turn could trigger an Israel response of striking the Iranian nuclear facilities. I think that it is true that Israel has a friend in the White House now that will not stab them in the back like Obama did back many years ago when he single-handedly foiled an Israeli strike by notifying the Iranians. I think Trump will likely give the Israelis a “green light” to carry out the attack or he could simply look the other way when it happens. I hope that President Trump would help the Israelis with this “dirty deed” so that the greatest probability of success is obtained against the evil Iranian nuclear program. We stand to benefit from this action so I feel that we should do our part to help. I guess time will tell what happens. Definitely keep your eyes on the Middle East!

With the recent reports and admissions by the Israelis that they were behind the destruction of the Syrian nuclear facility years ago, it could be that Israel is rattling the sabre and trying to make Iran think twice about their nuclear program. I believe that Iran will immediately put their nuclear program on the “fast track” if or when President Trump walks away from the Iran deal as it appears the EU countries are not going to make any significant changes to the Iran deal. I believe President Trump when he says he will not re-sign to continue the badly negotiated Iran nuclear deal. I think the world still has not understood that President Trump for the most part does what he says he is going to do. I think the world will soon find out in May 2018.

It seems to me that the new F-35s that Israel has acquired from the USA will eventually play a large role in the situation with the Iranian nuclear program. I would tend to think that the new report is probably true in that the Israelis would like to test the aircraft out under a real-life scenario before trying to make a run at the real thing. It will be interesting to see if Israel does indeed strike Iran’s nuclear facilities and if the Israelis will receive “help” from the USA and other invested countries like Saudi Arabia. The Arabs in the region have a genuine interest in making sure that if any Israeli airstrike were to take place that it was successful. There may only be one chance to get this right.

It is my hope that with articles appearing like this in the news with more frequency that many people will recognize the lateness of the hour and that they will make a decision for Christ. The Bible foretells the roles that the enemies of Israel (Russia, Iran, and Turkey) have in the end times and it is our job to pay attention to what is happening. I believe that if Israel does strike Iran, that it will possibly be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back so to speak and puts the Ezekiel 38-39 scenario on a “fast track” to prophecy fulfillment.

The main point I want to try to make here is that we need to be watching very carefully as Israel has the perfect political setup in the USA to finally make a move and that the window of opportunity to seize the moment on Iran’s nuclear facilities is closing fast. Let’s keep watching!

God bless.

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