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The Rapture Report – 12/18/2016 – Trump team: Embassy will move to Jerusalem

The Rapture Report – 12/18/2016 – Trump team: Embassy will move to Jerusalem
By Chris Schang

As January 20th, 2017 gets closer and closer, we are seeing the last days of the 8-year nightmare known as the Obama administration. With President-elect Trump’s transition to take over power, things are once again beginning to look up for America.

One of the worst legacies Obama will leave behind is his dismal support and hatred of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Obama has not been one to hold back on his true feelings regarding the Jewish state or the Jewish leader, he has repeatedly pushed for suicidal “peace” solutions between Israel and the so called “Palestinians”. Fortunately, Israel has had a strong leader in Netanyahu in that he withstood the 8 years of the Obama administration and kept Israel in one piece.

One of the areas in which looks promising with the Trump transition is that it looks like Trump may indeed keep his campaign pledge to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This would be a game changer in the political climate of Jerusalem being the eternal capital of the Jewish people. The U.S. passed a law requiring the movement of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, but every 6 months the last several presidents have signed a waiver extending the move every 6 months due to “national security” risks. This is a spineless and cowardly act that is nothing but appeasement to the so called “Palestinians” and the rest of the Islamic world.

There is a recent news article out from the Times of Israel website that shows that the President-elect Trump transition team is moving ahead with plans to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The Times of Israel article reports:

“President-elect Donald Trump “remains firmly committed” to moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, his transition team said. “This is a commitment that the president-elect made numerous times on the campaign trail, that he remains firmly committed to,” Jason Miller, a transition team spokesman, said Friday on the daily briefing call for reporters.

The prior evening, Trump nominated longtime adviser David Friedman to be the US ambassador to Israel, and in the campaign’s release, Friedman said he looked forward to working from the embassy in Jerusalem.”

The Times of Israel website also reported:

“JTA asked Miller on the briefing call whether that meant Trump has a timeline for moving the embassy from Tel Aviv, and he said it did not. But he reiterated Trump’s commitment to such a move, noting that he chose as an ambassador someone who is on the record backing the move. Miller said it was too soon, with 35 days until inauguration, to schedule such an action.

Congress recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital in 1995 and mandated the embassy move, but successive presidents have exercised a waiver on the move, citing national security considerations.”

There have been reports in the news that the Trump transition team has been scouting embassy locations in Jerusalem. This is a very positive development in moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I am praying along with others that President-elect Trump will move the embassy just as promised. I am hoping he will do so before the end of January, but a timetable for the move has not been announced since Trump has not taken over power as of yet.

On the other side of the conflict, the Islamists and so called “Palestinians” are up in arms over the apparent soon to be movement of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. The Islamists know that a move of the U.S. embassy Jerusalem will cement the clear establishment of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. We all know that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel, but the Islamists and so called “Palestinians” have tried hard to thwart the inevitable.

There is a news article talking about the Islamic and “Palestinian” objection to the embassy move. They are declaring a move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would be a declaration of war. The Israel National News website is reporting that an Al-Aqsa imam and Supreme Muslim Council Head Sheikh Ekrima Sa’id Sabri called the promised move by President-elect Trump as a declaration of war. The Israel National News website reports:

“Al-Aqsa imam and Supreme Muslim Council Head Sheikh Ekrima Sa’id Sabri attacked in his weekly sermon in Al-Aqsa US President-elect Donald Trump after Trump promised to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

According to Maor Tzemach’s translation of the Arab news site Palestine Information Center, in his sermon on Friday, Sabri said “moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem is a statement and a declaration of war against Arabs and Muslims.” Tzemach is chairman of the ‘Lach Yerushalayim’ organization, which seeks to apply Israeli sovereignty in all parts of Jerusalem.

In Sabri’s opinion, Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem is an equivalent to declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

The Israel National News article went on to further report:

“Sabri also called on all Muslims in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem to act, saying, “We are used to saying Al-Aqsa is in danger, but now the danger is real! Recently, the occupation has added an additional hour for Jewish visitors to the Temple Mount, without the agreement of the Waqf. This decision will add to the number of hours we are being attacked, and allow additional attackers on the Temple Mount.”

According to reports, Trump has already begun searching for an appropriate building in Jerusalem to house the US Embassy.”

I believe that once the transition of power takes place from Obama to Trump, we will see a different tone and stance from the U.S. on the Israeli and “Palestinian” situation. President-elect Trump has already stated that he does not see continued Israeli “settlements” as a barrier to “peace” and this of course has outraged the Islamists and “Palestinians”.

I believe that 2017 will be a very interesting year as President-elect Trump takes over power and that there will be a lot of changes in the way things have been run during the Obama years. Obama has essentially run a spineless and cowardly foreign policy program that has been void of any real substance. I am hoping that the U.S. will stand behind her allies, most importantly Israel, and take leadership of the power vacuum in the world that was created during the Obama years.

As we know the Bible tells us that in the end times Jerusalem will become a “burdensome stone” and all that try to move her will be destroyed. I am hoping that President-elect Trump will continue to support Israel and I think he will. His recent picks as ambassadors to Israel, etc. have shown that he will have a much different relationship with Israel than the Obama administration did.

Let us continue to watch as we get closer and closer to bringing in the New Year of 2017 and the transition of power in the U.S. The days in which we live are very interesting and will be full of surprises. Now more than ever, we need to watch Israel and Jerusalem, as major movements on the geopolitical scene could be right around the corner. With the war in Syria still raging and Assad taking on more control, we will be seeing a new Middle East arising with new prophetic players in the mix (Russia).

Let us continue to watch and keep looking up, for as we see things coming true as the Bible has declared, we can know that our redemption is drawing nigh.

God bless.

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