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The Rapture Report – 10/22/2017 – Israeli, Russian & Iranian Interests Collide in Syria

The Rapture Report – 10/22/2017 – Israeli, Russian & Iranian Interests Collide In Syria
By Chris Schang

Almost a week ago, Israeli fighter jets were flying over Lebanon in an effort to keep track of Hezbollah who is fighting there in Syria. Hezbollah has their stronghold in Lebanon and even has members in the Lebanese parliament. The Israelis are keeping tabs on the situation in Syria as several rockets and mortars have made their way from Syria to Israel.

The Israelis do not trust those who are fighting in Syria. These groups include Russia, Iran, Turkey, Hezbollah, ISIS, the Assad regime, and numerous other groups.

There was a news commentary that talked about this situation in Syria. The article was posted at the website. The article goes on to report:

On October 16, Syrian anti-aircraft units fired a SAM-5 anti-aircraft missile at Israeli planes conducting a reconnaissance mission over Lebanon. Israel frequently conducts these types of intelligence gathering operations over Lebanon to keep tabs on Hezbollah. The missile missed and all Israeli planes returned safely back to base. Shortly thereafter, Israel retaliated transforming the missile battery, located approximately 50 kilometers east of Damascus, into an expensive heap of scrap metal. Following the Israeli strike, an Israel Defense Force spokesman stated that Israel “hold[s] the Syrian regime responsible for the anti-aircraft fire and any attack originating from Syria.”

This isn’t the first time that the Syrians launched anti-aircraft missiles at Israeli fighter planes. In March, Israel intercepted and destroyed a Syrian SAM-5 missile with an Arrow anti-missile system. The Syrians had fired the missile during an Israeli air raid on a Syrian airbase known as T4 near the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, which was believed to be housing Iranian weapons destined for Hezbollah. While the missile missed, Israeli radar operators who were tracking its flight path feared that the missile, with its 478lb warhead would land in Israeli territory prompting the commander on the scene to order a launch.

The Russians maintain several bases in Syria and have in the past labeled Syria their most important ally in the region. It is clear that the Russians are in Syria for the long haul. Tension between Russia and Israel have hit several highs in the past including one time in July 1970 when Israel shot down 5 Russian MiG fighters over the Suez Canal.

A recent meeting in 2015 between Russia and Israel resulted in a deal and mechanism in which the Russians and Israel were able to reach a deconflict agreement to limit accidental mishaps.

The article talked about the current situation in Syria and how Russia was expanding its sphere of influence in Syria while at the same time trying to limit Iran’s influence in the country.

The article went on to further state:

While Russia and Iran (and by extension Hezbollah) are allies, their interests are not necessarily congruent in all respects. Russia wants to continue to exert its influence over Syria and maintain its military bases. The Iranians wish to expand their Shia hegemony and confront Israel. It is not in Russia’s interests and serves no Russian purpose to see a clash between Israel and its enemies – Iran, Syria and Hezbollah.

As such, Russia’s presence in Syria represents a double-edged sword for Israel. On the one hand, it somewhat constrains Israeli military action given the close proximity of Russian forces to Iranian, Hezbollah and Syrian forces. An Israeli strike could conceivably cause Russian casualties which in-turn could spark a political crisis. Moreover, Russia’s powerful military intervention in Syria’s civil war likely saved Assad and enabled Iran to maintain a dominant position in Syria.

On the other hand, Russia’s interests in maintaining stability in Syria and good relations with Israel serve to prevent Iran from acting recklessly. The Russians will exert their heavy-handed influence over the Iranians to rein them in and keep them from moving close to the Israeli border.

I think that we are seeing the beginning stages of the initial buildup of what will eventually be the Gog and Magog alliance led by Russia, Iran and Turkey. With all 3 leaders of this confederation now actively involved in the civil war in Syria for the first time, students of Bible prophecy should sit up and take notice.

At no time in history have these three been actively involved in the area north of Israel as foretold by the prophet Ezekiel. I believe we are watching a significant development and one that also screams Jesus is coming for the church.

While the details remain to be seen what exactly will happen, we do have a general outline where the Bible tells us beforehand that the Lord will intervene when this confederation of allies led by Russia, Iran, and Turkey. Many people will be with this coalition as they try to attack Israel and destroy her once and for all. If not for the supernatural intervention by the Lord, Israel would certainly be destroyed.

Now more than ever, we need to remain sober and watching the Middle East, particularly in regards to the coming fulfillment of Bible prophecy in the Ezekiel 3-39 scenario. When we begin to see Bible prophecy being fulfilled, we need to keep looking up, for our redemption is drawing night!

Keep sober and watching, the Lord is coming!

God bless.

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