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The Rapture Report – 07/17/2016 – Turkey’s Erdogan survives military “coup” attempt

Written: 7-17-2016
Rapture Forums Staff: Chris

For the past two days, the world has watched in unbelief as it was reported on Friday that the Turkish military attempted a “coup” in order to oust Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan from office. Erdogan was out of the Turkish capital of Ankara on vacation along the Turkish coast when the events transpired. He immediately called on the Turkish people to take to the streets and resist the leaders of the “coup.” Erdogan then returned to Istanbul to restore order.

While the first hours were dramatic and saw military soldiers shut down political offices, key bridges, and tried to impose martial law. The whole event had taken the world by surprise. The “coup” was apparently organized and carried out by “low-level” military officers who were concerned about the “dictatorship” that was developing under Erdogan’s rule.

The Turkish military has traditionally been the foundation keepers of the “secular” Turkish nation and Erdogan’s continuing “Islamization” of the country’s political landscape became cause for concern from some corners of the country.

The developments over the past two days have seen Erdogan restore order to the country by Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, it was being reported that a “purge” of the military and political opponents of Erdogan was being carried out as thousands of people had been arrested. Erdogan’s government is now firmly back in charge of the country and it looks as though he has wasted no time in “cleaning house.”

It appears that there have been several times over the course of the establishment of the Turkish state that the military has had to intervene in politics and restore the country on its “secular” course. However, this time is quite different. This “coup” was supposedly led by “low-level” military officers that it has some questioning if this whole “coup” thing was really a ruse by Erdogan to try to exert more political control and strengthen his grip on the country.

Erdogan’s political party has tried numerous times in the past to give more powers to the political leaders of the country which is mainly that being Erdogan himself. So, it does not seem far-fetched that Erdogan might pull a stunt like this to make a “power grab” at home. But even if this was not a ruse to grab more power, it does make one wonder why the “coup” was carried out with such careless planning and execution.

As this situation on the ground continues to dynamically unfold, it will be interesting to watch and see what happens. I would expect that we will see more power being transferred to Erdogan and the current “power grab” to be successful by the purging of political enemies. How this will effect Turkey long-term remains to be seen, but it does not appear to be a good thing as many are anticipating the loss of religious and other freedoms. I believe the real losers of this “coup” will be the Turkish people themselves.

One thing I am thinking about is how this could relate to Bible prophecy. One thing that I think will happen is that Erdogan will continue to consolidate power and put him firmly in the dictatorship category. The purging of the military and political arenas will allow for Erdogan to continue to exert his will and control over the country. This could put Turkey in a position where it makes it real-easy for the newly purged military to follow Erdogan’s orders to head down to invade Israel with her allies in the Ezekiel 38-39 conflict, if Erdogan is indeed the leader of Turkey at that time.

All of this remains to be seen and as always the Middle East is a very dynamic and fluid situation that can change on a moment’s notice. Let’s continue to watch and see how these events unfold in Turkey.

And as always, keep looking up, for the rapture of the church is getting closer with each passing day!

God bless.

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