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The Rapture Report – 05/28/2017 – Abbas rejects Trump’s peace proposal

The Rapture Report – 05/28/2017 – Abbas rejects Trump’s peace proposal
By Chris Schang

U.S. President Donald Trump has just finished up his first whirlwind trip overseas visiting Saudi Arabia, Israel, Italy, Belgium, and a visit to the new NATO headquarters. Trump got his first taste of the foreign policy side of his presidency and I think he did a pretty good job overall.

Of course, the media acts like the trip was a complete disaster which is what they want you to think. President Trump signed a huge weapons deal with the Saudis, visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem, and met many of the European leaders. President Trump also met with PA leader Abbas as well.

Apparently, Trump gave a preview of his plans on trying to relaunch the “peace” talks between the Israelis and the so called “Palestinians”. While the meeting with Abbas was described as “good” by everyone involved, there was a recent news article that said that PA leader Abbas has rejected Trump’s peace proposal.

The Israel National News website reported:

Fatah’s Revolutionary Council congratulated the “heroic” hunger-striking terrorists for their “victory” over Israel in what the terror organization called a “fight for freedom and honor.” In a committee meeting titled “The meeting for freedom and honor in support of our heroic prisoners,” the Council expressed its pride and admiration of the prisoners for “standing strong,” and said the Fatah leader and their freedom and their families’ honor would continue to top Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ priority list.

The Council also gave full support to Abbas’ “nationalist” views and credited him with expressing “Palestinian” values in his meeting with US President Donald Trump. Abbas, who also participated in the meeting, said he continued to initiate peace and opposed anything which would endanger the PA’s goal of achieving independence and ending the Israeli “occupation.”

According to Hebrew newspaper Israel Hayom, Abbas rejected Trump’s offer of a regional plan which would first entail normalizing relations with Israel’s neighbors and only afterwards discussing a Palestinian state.

Last week, a PA official told Israel Hayom: “Until now, what hindered progress in the advance of the Arab Peace Initiative was the failure of negotiations with Israel. President Trump is interested in advancing a different thought process within the framework of the deal between Israel and the Palestinians that he’s talking about.”

I think after reading this article, we can see that President Trump is going to learn soon enough that while all parties say they are ready to reach a peace deal, he is going to find that the main hindrance to any deal is going to come from the hard-line Palestinians who always make absurd and unreasonable demands.

It is my feeling that Trump will find making a peace deal between these two groups much harder than making a real estate deal. Trump will be fighting not just a political issue, but a spiritual one as well. Time will tell if Trump will be able to make a breakthrough that so far as eluded those before him. From a reading of Bible prophecy, I believe Trump will fail and that this failure will push the two sides into a possible conflict, especially if Trump follows through with his pledge to move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

Another article recently reported a high ranking Palestinian official as saying that if Trump moves the embassy that it would kill the two-state solution. I hope that Trump follows through with his pledge to move the embassy and that the two-state fantasy is finally put to rest. Israel can’t make peace with people who want to destroy them. I believe that other solutions should be looked at and that “out of the box” thinking should be applied to a process that has gone on for a long time with absolutely no success. It’s time the world community supported Israel and recognized Jerusalem as its undivided capital.

Please continue to watch the news for more updates on the attempt to renew the peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. President Trump is wanting to start up talks within a month, so we may not have long to wait to see what the future of the peace talks will hold for the Middle East under President Trump.

With more and more calls for peace talks, we need to remain sober and alert to what is transpiring on the ground. And as always, keep looking up, as our redemption is drawing nigh.

God bless.

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