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The Rapture Report – 02/05/2017 – Mattis: Iran world’s ‘biggest state sponsor of terrorism’

The Rapture Report – 02/05/2017 – Mattis: Iran world’s ‘biggest state sponsor of terrorism’
By Chris Schang

This week news came out that Iran had launched a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead in violation of previous UN resolutions and the 2015 agreement that Iran made with world powers over its nuclear program. Iran for its part does not deny the launches, but denies that they violate any international obligations.

The new US Secretary of Defense James Mattis is currently in Tokyo meeting with Japanese defense officials for the first time since US President Donald Trump took office. Mattis also met with officials in South Korea before heading to Japan. The new US administration is working to assure their Asian allies that the US remains firmly behind them in light of provocations by North Korea.

Mattis was asked in Tokyo about the new missile launch by Iran and the Times of Israel reports:

US Defense Secretary James Mattis said Saturday that Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism, as President Donald Trump slapped fresh sanctions on the country’s weapons procurement network.

“As far as Iran goes, this is the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world,” Mattis said at a press conference in Tokyo, but he added that the US had no plans to increase troop numbers in the Middle East in response.

“I think it is wise to make certain that Iran recognizes that what it is doing is getting the attention of a lot of people,” Mattis said. He added: “It does no good to ignore it. It does no good to dismiss it. At the same time, I don’t see any need to increase the number of forces we have in the Middle East at this time.”

Secretary Mattis is not new to the Iran situation as he was formerly head of the US Central Command and butted heads with the Obama administration on taking a less appeasing approach to Iran. The Times of Israel mentioned this in their article:

During his tenure as commander of US Central Command, which ended in 2013, Mattis was known to have pushed for more aggressive actions against Iran than the Obama White House would tolerate. He has called Iran the biggest threat in the Middle East.

Mattis’s comments came shortly after Iran announced it would take “reciprocal action” against US individuals and companies after the Trump’s administration imposed new sanctions on Tehran over its weapons procurement network on Friday.

Secretary Mattis is definitely correct when he says that Iran is the biggest problem in the Middle East not to mention they are indeed the biggest state sponsor of terrorism as well. The Iranian’s influence has infiltrated much of the Middle East and they have their hand in just about every situation on the ground.

Iran is clearly flaunting their military power and challenging US President Trump in his first weeks on the job. I believe that this will be a mistake by the Iranians as I do not see President Trump appeasing the Iranians like Obama did. Obama pretty much let Iran and terrorist groups like ISIS run wild over the last 5 years or so in the Middle East. I think and hope that will end with the Trump administration. History shows that appeasing madmen never works.

US President Trump is scheduled to meet with Israeli PM Netanyahu in Washington on February 15th. It is pretty much guaranteed that Iran’s recent missile launches will be on the agenda of their talks as well as the newly announced construction by Israel in the West Bank. I hope that President Trump will give Israel a green light to build in the West Bank after all they have suffered under the last 8 years of the Obama administration. I also hope that Trump will find a way to work with Israel on the Iran situation. It sure seems to me that something has to give concerning the Iran situation.

Late Saturday it is being reported that Iran has conducted some additional missile tests and military drills in defiance of the new US sanctions. The Jerusalem Post is reporting:

Iran is holding a military exercise on Saturday to test its missile and radar systems, a day after US President Donald Trump’s administration imposed sanctions on Tehran for a recent ballistic missile test.

The United States sanctioned 13 individuals and 12 entities related to Iran’s missile program and Trump’s national security adviser Michael Flynn said the United States was putting Iran on notice over its “destabilizing activity”.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards website said that the aim of the military exercise in Semnan province was to “showcase the power of Iran’s revolution and to dismiss the sanctions.”

Iranian state news agencies reported that home-made missile systems, radars, command and control centers, and cyber warfare systems would be tested in the drill.

Although tensions between Washington and Iran have risen, US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said on Saturday he was not considering raising the number of US forces in the Middle East to address Iran’s “misbehavior” at this time, but warned that the world would not ignore Iranian activities.

So, it appears that US President Trump is starting to get his first test in the Middle East and it is noteworthy that during the election campaign he stated that he would not allow Iran to get nuclear weapons. It is clear that this behavior by Iran is not helping things right now in the region. It will probably lead to the stakes being upped if Iran continues to do what they are doing. The real variable in my mind in all of this is Israel. And it will be interesting to watch and see if President Trump gives Israel a green light to take care of the Iran problem down the road before it is too late. The arrival of the F-35 fighter plane in the IAF arsenal could not have come at a better time.

As we know from previous news reports, the Obama administration put the lid down on a potential Israeli strike back in 2012. I’m not so sure that President Trump will appease the Iranians. I think they are really starting to play with fire as it appears that President Trump means what he says by his recent follow-throughs on several election campaign promises related to immigration and terrorism. Iran really should think twice before they make a move in the Trump era.

This is a situation we will need to keep a close eye on as it is clear that with the start of the Trump era that things will probably be much different than they were during the Obama years. And they could potentially cause a shift in gears on the prophetic race track as we near the last laps of the end times. I can think of several potential scenarios where it is possible that we could see a potential speeding up of prophetic events during the Trump era. The best thing we can do is to keep watching the news events unfold on the world stage and as always pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem. With every day that passes, we get closer and closer to the blessed hope of the rapture of the church. As we pass the prophetic road signs, we need to keep looking up, for our redemption is drawing closer with each passing day.

God bless.

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