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A Personal Message to President Donald Trump from Rapture Forums

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

It is my pleasure and honor to bring you greetings from the more than 10,000 members of the Rapture Forums online Christian fellowship ( We have members all over the world, but by far the majority of us are Americans.

We are not writing to you to offer advice, nor are we writing to ask for something. We merely want to let you know you are in our prayers. We believe God raised up America and made her great in order to be a tool to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the globe. Somewhere along the road, this once great nation lost her way. Somewhere, somehow, we Christians allowed those who held neither to the values of the Bible revered by our forefathers nor to the mighty and wise precepts of governance which the Founding Fathers placed into our great Constitution, we allowed these men and women to take control of our government institutions and steer us away from that which made us great.

Therefore, it is with profound thankfulness to God that we believe He has answered our prayers and given this nation one last chance to be great again—not for our own benefit alone but for the furtherance of His Kingdom and the defense of Israel, which He Himself calls the apple of His eye. Thus it is with equally profound humility that we collectively and individually bow before God and pray for you in the exercise of your office which we know is of crucial importance globally even as it exacts an onerous price from you personally. We beseech Almighty God to guide you with His wisdom, to steel you with His resolve, to strengthen you with His power, and to encourage you with His Spirit. And yes, we pray that you yourself will always seek His face and will draw ever closer to Him in your personal life. This we pray, all in the mighty name of Jesus, by whom God has made it possible for all human beings to be reconciled to Himself, if we are but willing.

May God grant you all that we have asked for. Please know that all of us will continue to pray for you and your family—for we know that He indeed answers prayer.

Most respectfully,

The Members of Rapture Forums
pp. Chris Schang
Founder and Administrator

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