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What Will America Gain by Making Homosexuality Great?

What Will America Gain by Making Homosexuality Great?
By Julio Severo

America Is Making Homosexuality Great. Will Homosexuality Make America Great?

In America, since her birth, to defend marriage between man and woman was normal. To defend marriage between a man and another man was completely abnormal and abhorrent.

In fact, for thousands of years, this was the universal normalcy for healthy societies. Only sick societies accepted homosexual abnormality, and they did not last long.

Yet, today is different. Hollywood and much of the U.S. system, affronting its Protestant origins, imposes universally the abnormality of homosexuality as a positive example on the whole world. Homosexual abnormality has been widespread in the U.S. society.

No nation on the earth has made sodomy greater than America has done. Major U.S. institutions, from Hollywood to the New York Police Department to Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon and other mega-capitalist companies, are engaged in making sodomy great. (Even New York police cars have honored sodomy.)

Can America last long by using her cultural, economic and military hegemony and supremacy to make sodomy great?

If you defend marriage between man and woman in the U.S. Congress, you are labeled abnormal and your pro-family view is treated as abhorrent by the U.S. mainstream media. Washington is abandoning the true marriage and its traditions, including its old Protestant tradition of defense of marriage and family.

In contrast, Moscow, which in communist years defended atheism and the destruction of the Russian family, has been fighting to rescue the defense of true marriage and its Christian Orthodox Church.

You can morally be lynched in the U.S. if you protest the abnormality of gay “marriage,” especially in the U.S. Congress. You are not free to treat gay “marriage” as abnormal and criminally sick in the U.S. But you are free to treat natural marriage as abnormal.

In contrast, in Russia if you protest the abnormality of gay “marriage,” especially in the Kremlin, you are not morally lynched; you are praised. You are free to treat gay “marriage” as abnormal and criminally sick in Russia. But you are not free to treat natural marriage as abnormal.

Russia did not invent defense of natural marriage. It is only continuing a long and universal tradition.

America did not invent defense of gay “marriage.” It is only defending what old sick societies were unable to defend for much time. It makes no difference anymore: With Obama and Trump, America makes sodomy great.

Sodom made sodomy great, but sodomy did not make Sodom great.

The Bible says,

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22 ESV)

“What happened to Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities near them is an example for us of the punishment of eternal fire. The people of these cities suffered the same fate that God’s people and the angels did, because they committed sexual sins and engaged in homosexual activities.” (Jude 1:7 GWV)

Sodomy came from the “sin of Sodom” — homosexuality.

America, which had the Bible as her main guiding Book in her early days, knows that Sodom was judged and destroyed by God for the sin of sodomy and as an example to societies wishing to make sodomy great.

How does President Donald Trump expect to make America great when the U.S. society and culture are honoring the sin that destroyed Sodom?

“Make America Gay Again,” a play on Trump’s words “Make America America Again”

America can make sodomy nationally and internationally great, and she is already doing it through Hollywood and the U.S. State Department. But sodomy will never make America great.

If even Russia can have its Christian Orthodox stance against gay “marriage,” why cannot America have its traditional Protestant stance?

America does not need to follow the anti-sodomy Russian example. She can follow the example of George Washington and other great American Christian leaders who despised sodomy as repugnant.

If America wants to be great, she should despise the sin of Sodom as repugnant and follow the Book loved by the early Americans.

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