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Why I am an American Supremacist and a MAGA Independent

Why I am an American Supremacist and a MAGA Independent
An open letter to President Biden.
By Jason D. Hill

Mr. President, your speech delivered on September 1, 2022, at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA has left me thinking for a long time now on the significance of your remarks and how deeply implicated I might be in them in a manner you might not have imagined.

Your speech may be summarized in two sentences. First, it was a clarion call to halt what you called the ongoing threats to our democracy. Second, you declared MAGA Republicans to be guilty of threatening our democracy. An ominous but accurate conclusion would be to state that your speech was a declaration of war against approximately fifty percent of the American populace.

But President Biden, a word of correction is needed. Rather than correctly refer to our unprecedented political identity as a republic, you deliberately used the ghastly term democracy. The United States of America is most emphatically not a democracy; and should we ever regress to become one, it should be destroyed as quicky as possible. We are a constitutional republic. There is a huge difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy, and you know it. As the philosopher Immanuel Kant realized in the 18th century, democracies are dangerous phenomena.

So, Mr. President, here is a brief disquisition on the difference: with a republic such as the one we retain in the United States, power rests in the hands of the individual citizens and laws are made by elected representatives of the people. In a democratic system, something much different occurs: laws are made by the majority, and the will of a majority can and does override the existing rights of citizens.

The powers of government are strictly limited in a republic and kept in check by the three branches of government. There is no majority that can ever arbitrarily deprive the individual of his property, his due process, and his natural, God-given rights. A constitution protects our inalienable rights from being violated by the government, even one that has been elected by a majority of voters. In a “pure democracy,” the majority is not restrained in this manner. It can impose its will on the minority.

Remember that the Palestinian terror organization Hamas was voted into power via a democratic process, as was Adolf Hitler’s regime. But you know all this; so why the deliberate attempt to refuse to identify what we are as a nation — a republic? Could the explanation lie in the existential carnage left in the wake of Antifa violence and Black Lives Matter rioting; the totalizing ideologies of Woke Supremacists, Critical Race Theory, and cancel culture in general; and the disgraceful unwillingness of officials in Democrat-run cities to enforce the law and prosecute criminals? Democracy is the political system that unleashes such nihilistic forces and policies. Democracy is the system that makes it possible for lives and businesses to be destroyed by cancel culture, by left-wing assaults against our First Amendment, by Woke Supremacists such as the trans-fascists who pit biological males against biological women in sports, and by the complete decimation of the Western canon in our universities.

You invoke the term democracy knowing full well that our America is not one, in order to legitimize the concept in the mind of the public and to enable majoritarian groups to impose their will on the smallest but most significant minority on earth: the individual.

But let me return to the substance of your talk here. You established a non-negotiable binary that collapses into one conceptually vague accusation that those who desire to Make America Great Again (MAGA) are threats to the country. You did not limit your condemnation to extremists; instead, you attacked a broad swath of individuals including dissenting liberals, old-fashioned independents, and independent conservatives such as myself.

Your motive is obvious. You oppose the audacious idea of American exceptionalism and superiority — as did your former Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama, who performed his love of American soft-power, leading from behind, and who apologized for a dedication to the promotion of American exceptionalism in a speech titled “A New Beginning” in 2009. It was a speech which served as an admonishment to the most politically moral country in the Middle East — Israel — by announcing, “The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements. This construction violates previous agreements and undermines efforts to achieve peace. It is time for these settlements to stop.”

One cannot be a settler on one’s indigenous lands. One can only be a heroic and noble pioneer. What is it that you have, Mr. Biden, against the idea of Making America Great Again? Against the feeling of rational love for one’s country? Against the exaltation and pride in the moral and political achievements this country has made by bringing more people into the domain of the ethical and, therefore, into the pantheon of the human community?

You are afraid that your administration, which makes federal cases out of misgendering one’s pronouns but increasingly reduces murder cases to misdemeanor charges, will not be able to withstand the people’s demand for an increase in the implacable, intransigent application of the law. Your administration allowed Antifa and Black Lives Matter full license to burn down our cities and loot small businesses, thereby destroying the lives of innocent human beings. It, too, has allowed the idea pathogens of Critical Race Theory and Woke ideology, cancel culture and assaults against our First Amendment to infect our K-12 schools, and turn our universities into national security threats populated by welfare scholars — the professoriate that hates America, capitalism and the American people and which, above all, produces enemies of the state. Our young people are taught to hate their country, to spit in the face of its unprecedented achievements, and to regard our Constitution as a document to be ultimately abolished.

Your attempts, however, to stigmatize the MAGA movement will fail for the simple reason that your puerile and simplistic desire to link American greatness to a Republican agenda fails the reality test.

I am an American Supremacist. I believe in American Supremacy. America ought to rule and govern the lesser nations and states in the world. Many of them are like sinkholes, actually, which, like poor neighborhoods, drag down the regional value of where they are ensconced.

Nature abhors a vacuum. If we do not achieve a new Manifest Destiny and colonize the world with our political values, then some two-bit rotten and corrupt nations or a cabal of them will do it. The governments of China, Russia, and Iran immediately come to mind.

In an imperfect world, conceptual and moral distinctions have to be made. We all know that America is not the political equivalent of many countries in this world. Yes — it is a great experiment; and the reason that experiment works is because people from all walks of life, those with varied political orientations, strive each day to make this country noble, heroic and majestic. They know that our destiny is to achieve political immortality. The soul of our nation is immortal. Our country is devoted not to bringing heaven to earth, but instead, to raising our republic to the heavens. We inhabit stories to make sense of our lives. Those stories, our American stories, are open-ended — and because of this we can live on in the global imagination forever.

Our country is a parable of eternal hope. The United States is a nation of continuous redemption that delivers us into the future.

When I emigrated to this country at the age of twenty, I made a covenant with America. It was forged on an aircraft bound to Atlanta. Before that wide-body A300 aircraft made its final touchdown in the city, something magical happened while I floated at thirty-two thousand feet above the ground. At some point during the initial descent, I closed my eyes and made a covenant with this new country I would call my permanent home. I promised that, in the name of the best within me, I would cultivate the noblest virtues in my character and use them as the only legitimate currency to purchase a life that would be worthy of an American. I made a covenant with my soon-to-be approaching country that in the name of the best and highest in me, I would seek faith in life’s better possibilities. That there would be no obstacles that my indefatigable spirit could not overcome, and that there would be no prejudice that a philosophy of individualism, which characterized the very essence of who I was at my core, could not transcend.

This covenant spoke to the stupendous achievements I vowed to accomplish by taking advantage of the plethora of opportunities that I knew would become available to me. Riding that majestic bird in the sky, I thought of my life in moral terms: this was a moral contract I was making with my new country. The best within me was a code of conduct that I would enact between myself and my future compatriots. It was an ethos of benevolence and goodwill that I would extend, and one that I expected to be reciprocated. The America I anticipated meeting, and the one I have come to know and love, is a country predicated on mutual exchange. If you show Americans respect, courtesy, and basic warmth, they will reciprocate.

President Biden, it was an innocent ethos such as that which I made as a young man, which makes America great. But America braked its acceleration to greatness when the proud upholders of its exceptional status were superseded by the haters.

We must fight with the radiant certainty of knowing that among all of God’s nations, ours is the First. We, the American people, are the other chosen people, appointed and destined to lead, inspire and reign supreme. We must colonize the world with our universal values, with that original assemblage of who we have made ourselves to be. We must gift to all Americans — indeed, to all humanity — the best within ourselves, the most heroic, the most exalted.

In the spirit of the late Queen Elizabeth II’s grandmother, Queen Mary, and her own sense of monarchy, let us strive to make an America where each can proudly say, America is God’s sacred mission to grace and dignify the earth; to give ordinary people an example of nobility and duty to raise them up, and to inspire them in their pained and striving lives. To live as a true American is to live out an ethical identity that is a vocational calling from God.

In the name of a return to Americanism let us bequeath to our children and to future generations an enduring and heroic legacy. That is the true MAGA Doctrine. Embrace it, Mr. President. It is your birthright.

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