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Why Democrats are Against Making America Great Again

Why Democrats are Against Making America Great Again
By David Jolly

Have you listened to any of the Democrats lately? I know that sounds absurd, but we often can’t avoid hearing their anti-American mantra dribble from their lips.

If you have listened to them, one question keeps coming to mind – why are they so against making America great again?

In the year and half of President Donald Trump, America is thriving far more than it has since before the eight years of Barack Obama and this has Democrats pulling their hair, gnashing their teeth and screaming anti-American hate language.

First, we hear current Democratic leaders like Rep. Nancy Pelosi and many other Democrats running for election and re-election this year, also calling for ending the Trump tax cuts. Many of them say that they only help the wealthy.

Secondly, we hear the growing number of Democrats who admit to be socialists, like Sen. Bernie Sanders and political wanna-be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. They are calling for the ending of Trump tax cuts, especially the corporate tax cuts. They continue to claim that those tax cuts are ONLY helping the wealthy and not working America.

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Obviously, they are ignoring the fact that more Americans are working today, including black and Hispanic Americans, than in the past couple of decades. They are also ignoring that workers are taking home more money and spending more money, all of which spurs a thriving and healthy economy and that’s why they are against making America great again.

The socialist Democrats are also calling for free Medicare for all and free college tuition for all. Either program would more than double the federal budget and cause many federal taxes to skyrocket.

Most Democrats are socialists, if not admitted, then by their policies and campaign platforms and this is the total reason why they are so against a thriving American economy.

Socialism cannot have a thriving free market economy!

In socialism, the government is in complete control of the economy and most businesses. Workers are often told where they will work, under what conditions they will work and what hours they will work. Then they are told how much of their earnings they get to keep and how much the government will take.

Obamacare had nothing to do with providing affordable healthcare but had everything to do with forcing the American people to accept a national socialist program where the government controlled healthcare coverage.

If Democrats regain power, we will certainly see similar national socialist programs. Some far-left Democrats have said they would be open for the government to take over a number of industries.

However, if those industries are thriving, have plenty of workers who are happy, it will be difficult for a Democrat-socialist government to take control of them. If more people are working than in decades, it will be more difficult for a Democrat-socialist government to take control of them.

The basic tenet of a socialist government is to make the vast majority of the people slaves that are dependent upon the government. The people cannot be self-sufficient. You can’t have free enterprise and entrepreneurial business thriving. You can’t have people saving money. You can’t have a happy people.

Socialist have a habit of winning the people over with fake and empty promises that lure the people into believing they are for the working class. It’s like baiting a trap with lies and then once trapped, workers are captive for life.

Making America great again is everything socialists hate and can’t stand. They need America to be worse again. They need economic chaos in order to take over. That is what Obama tried to do and that is what Democrats will try to do if they get in back in control of the government.

This is the primary issue at stake going into this year’s midterm elections and the upcoming 2020 elections. If Democrats win, America will no longer be great!

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