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Why AOC Should Resign From Congress in Disgrace, TODAY

Why AOC Should Resign From Congress in Disgrace, TODAY
But don’t hold your breath. She’s a proud, unapologetic socialist.
By Robert Spencer

Knock me over with a feather: it has come to light that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Mars), that impeccable and indefatigable patriot, through some incredible oversight or vetting failure employed an open and avowed Marxist as an aide. Now, if a sitting member of the House of Representatives had ever employed an actual member of the National Socialist (that’s what “Nazi” stands for, kids) Party, that representative would have resigned in disgrace and be looking for work today. But the news broke about AOC’s international socialist aide on Saturday, and the winsome AOC, a rising star in the Democrat Party, is almost certain not to suffer any political fallout from the revelation at all. After all, her friends in the House and the media are mostly Commies, too.

The New York Post reported Saturday that an ex-aide to AOC “is now working as a senior official in the New York State Communist Party.” Justine Medina, whom the Post features in a couple of photos looking every inch like a modern-day gender-bending hard-Left ideologue, “spent a year employed by ‘The Squad’ leader as a political organizer in 2020 and was paid more than $35,000 between February and November of that year, Federal Election Commission records show.”

Well, that isn’t much, but it’s the principle of the thing. AOC is a proud and unapologetic socialist, but so is Bernie Sanders, and when questioned about his socialism, Bernie insisted that what he had in mind for the poor old United States was the friendly, gulag-free socialism of Sweden, not the soul- and body-destroying totalitarian Marxism of the USSR or Democratic Kampuchea and the like. AOC would likely say the same thing, but the Post goes on to note that “almost immediately after the election, Medina began working as a full-blown Marxist. In July 2021, she was identified as ‘co-chair of the New York Young Communist League’ by the Communist Party newspaper People’s World. The same publication today identifies her as a member of the ‘Executive Committee of the New York State Communist Party.’” But maybe Medina got more radical after leaving AOC’s employ, right?

Wrong: “Social media records show Medina’s Marxist proclivities were in full bloom before and during her employment with Rep. Ocasio-Cortez. ‘Well, I am a Communist, but work for AOC,’ she said proudly in a tweet from October 2020. ‘Communism is about equality, democracy, peace, the advancement of workers, the oppressed, and humanity in general,’ she added a month later.” Not quite. Communism is about lying to the people and claiming to be “about equality, democracy, peace, the advancement of workers, the oppressed, and humanity in general,” when it actually involves making all the citizens of a state into slaves of the government, having their wealth confiscated and all their productivity dedicated not to their own betterment, but to the benefit of the self-proclaimed vanguard of the working class.

Every Communist state that has ever existed has been a totalitarian hellhole where the authoritarian rulers terrorize the population into subservience while using the rhetoric of social justice and equality to hoodwink the naïve and unwary into thinking that their subservience is a necessary step on the way to the true socialist society in which all goods will be shared equally. Every Communist society has enforced its false claims about equality by means of a ruthless reign of terror that is designed to make the cost of dissent so obviously prohibitive that few will dare to step out of line. Medina even hinted that she had no problem with that when she wrote: “It is true the path there will be unkind to those who block progress, but Communism is good and should not scare you.” How unkind will it be, Ms. Medina? What form will this “unkindness” take? Do you dream of opening gulags and filling them with those hated “MAGA Republicans”?

The Post notes that “AOC follows Medina on Twitter and the two have posed for a smiling photo in the past.” Here again, the idea of any member of the House of Representatives posing for a smiling photo with an open National Socialist, much less hiring her on as a member of her staff, is inconceivable. But the Leftist political and media establishment doesn’t have even close to the same problem with international socialists. AOC, of course, would protest (if she were asked about Medina, which she won’t be) that National Socialism was a brutal, bloodthirsty, hateful totalitarian ideology that was responsible for the murders of millions of people. Yet international socialism is also a brutal, bloodthirsty, hateful totalitarian ideology that has been responsible for the murders of millions of people. AOC should resign in disgrace for hiring Justine Medina. The fact that no one will even call upon her to do so besides me is an indication of how far we’ve fallen.

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