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Wellesley College Shows the Transgender Agenda is About Getting Rid of Women

Wellesley Shows the Trans Agenda is About Getting Rid of Women
“I’ve been booed at public gatherings where I’ve referred to Wellesley as a women’s college”
By Daniel Greenfield

Wellesley College used to be a women’s college. Then it announced that it would let in any man pretending to be a woman. All Wellesley asked was that he at least do the bare minimum to pretend he’s a woman.

The current policy is that “Wellesley invites applications from all those who live as women and consistently identify as women”.

Paradoxically that means that men who falsely claim to be something called “trans women” are welcome, but women who actually are women, but suffer from the delusion that they are “trans men” are barred from the college.

But that’s not enough. The trans agenda is about eliminating women.

The woke contingent is attacking College President Paula Johnson (the first black president of the institution) for sticking to at least some concept of womanhood, and demanding an end to women.

The referendum, which is nonbinding, asks whether admission should be open to all nonbinary and transgender applicants, including trans men…

The referendum would also make the college’s communications more gender inclusive — for example, using the word “students” or “alumni” instead of “women.”

They don’t want Wellesley to be a women’s college.

Opponents, including the president, Paula Johnson, say the referendum is a rewriting of the mission of Wellesley, which they say was founded to educate women.

In a message to the campus last week, Dr. Johnson held firm on her stance.

She described Wellesley as “a women’s college that admits cis, trans and nonbinary students — all who consistently identify as women.”

Johnson and Wellesley gave in by allowing men who play dress up and no longer have a leg to stand on. So they’re trying to die on the hill of women as an idea in a man’s head rather than the objective reality that women exist. Their opponents want to dump the women part entirely. That was always the agenda here.

Transgender, drag, is just a way to ridicule the concept of a gender binary, sex differences, out of existence.

Much as any effort by the sexual identity crowd to copy the aspects of sex and the nuclear family are ways to destroy them even as they claim that they only want love and acceptance.

Wellesley brought this on itself. It allowed women to be redefined to mean men. Now the next step is getting rid of women.

And an open letter signed by hundreds of faculty, staff and alumni said the college was abandoning the radicalism of its creation “by focusing on the letter, rather than the spirit, of its founding.”

The letter being the existence of women, rather than the spirit being the deconstruction of gender.

Alexandra Brooks, the student body president, said the referendum, which will be voted on anonymously, was a way to demonstrate just how many students support such a change — and how it reflects the reality on campus now.

A new policy, she said, “would not in any way change the culture of the school.”

“It’s still, and always will be, a school to educate people who are of marginalized genders,” she said.

Not women. People of marginalized genders. And women are the most “privileged” of the marginalized genders.

With emotions high and division deep, Dr. Johnson thinks the debate so far has been unhealthy. There is enormous social pressure for students to support the referendum, she said, adding that she has received messages from students, faculty and staff saying that they could not voice their opposition for fear of being ostracized.

“I’ve been personally booed at public gatherings where I’ve referred to Wellesley as a women’s college, which it is,” Dr. Johnson said.

White men booing a black woman for protecting a women’s college is peak wokeness.

Yes, it’s about eliminating women.

I have no great affection for Wellesley, but the last feminists, slurred as TERFs, are right. This is about getting rid of women.

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