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UN Votes for Gaza Ceasefire

UN Votes for Gaza Ceasefire
All endorsed by the Biden regime.
By Christine Williams

If the UN and those nations pressuring Israel into a ceasefire genuinely cared about Palestinian lives, then the pressure would be on Hamas (using human shields) to surrender and on Egypt to open its doors for refugees. Yet no such pressure is being exerted. Israel has tried to evacuate citizens from Rafah. UN Relief chief Martin Griffiths not only admitted that he does not consider Hamas to be a terrorist group, but he also stated that the Israelis did all they could, “to their credit,” to evacuate Gazans to a safe location. Still, the jihadist-infiltrated UN has blocked such efforts. Prior to the latest UN ceasefire vote, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated that there is “growing consensus emerging in international community to tell Israel a ceasefire is needed.’” The latest passage of yet another ceasefire demand at the UN is for the specific purpose of systematically pressuring the Jewish state into compliance, and in the worst case scenario, putting it on the road to ultimate extinction.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has now canceled an Israeli delegation’s visit to Washington after the Biden regime allowed the UN ceasefire resolution to pass. The U.S. put forward a ceasefire resolution last Friday that was tied to the release of hostages, but it was vetoed by Russia and China, two countries which have become allies of Iran. Then a second ceasefire resolution was introduced, and “the US abstention on Monday’s vote allowed the latest resolution to pass, when the other 14 members of the 15-strong council voted yes.” The message sent to Iran and its proxies, who are just as determined to conquer America and the West as they are to destroy Israel, is that Israel is increasingly alone, and abandoned by its key supporter, America. How low of the Biden administration to abstain from the latest UN vote on a ceasefire. The Biden regime could have just as well come right out and voted for a ceasefire to begin with, as did Russia and China. But in a cowardly move, America’s final decision not to veto the resolution resulted in its passage. Yet those who are easily played for fools continue to believe that Biden is a friend of Israel.

The Israeli Prime Minister’s Office issued the following statement after the US abstention (Courtesy Israel Government Press Office):

Regrettably, the United States did not veto the new resolution, which calls for a ceasefire that is not contingent on the release of hostages.

This constitutes a clear departure from the consistent US position in the Security Council since the beginning of the war.

Today’s resolution gives Hamas hope that international pressure will force Israel to accept a ceasefire without the release of our hostages, thus harming both the war effort and the effort to release the hostages.

Prime Minister Netanyahu made it clear last night that should the US depart from its principled policy and not veto this harmful resolution, he will cancel the Israeli delegation’s visit to the United States. In light of the change in the US position, PM Netanyahu decided that the delegation will remain in Israel.

Israel has already made it crystal clear that no ceasefire will happen until the Hamas threat is eliminated. No one can deny that war is inevitably brutal. Despite the knowledge that Israel’s very existence being threatened, the UN has passed no resolutions calling upon Hamas to surrender, or pressuring Egypt to take in refugees. In fact, the only refugees that Egypt is taking in are those who are able to pay a bribe. Some Palestinians are “paying thousands of dollars to fixers connected to the Egyptian government.” These Egyptian government-connected “fixers” are lining their pockets with “exorbitant” amounts of cash that the refugees are handing over to them. The fixers are motivated by money and not by any desire to save lives, yet leftists don’t criticize them.

In a follow-up statement from the Government Press Office after Hamas rejected a ceasefire offer, the Prime Minister’s Office added:

Hamas’s stance clearly demonstrates its utter disinterest in a negotiated deal and attests to the damage done by the UN Security Council’s resolution.

Hamas has once again rejected an American compromise proposal and has repeated its extreme demands: An immediate halt to the war, the complete withdrawal of the IDF from the Gaza Strip and leaving in place its administration so that it can repeat, time and again, the massacre of October 7, as it has promised to do.

Hamas rebuffed all US offers for a compromise, while celebrating the Security Council’s resolution.

Israel will not address Hamas’s delusional demands. Israel will pursue and achieve its just war objectives: Destroying Hamas’s military and governmental capacities, release of all the hostages, and ensuring Gaza will not pose a threat to the people of Israel in the future.

Israel finds itself isolated and betrayed by its allies at the most critical point in its history. French President Emmanuel Macron has told Netanyahu “that any forced transfer of people from the southern Gaza city of Rafah would constitute ‘a war crime.’” Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani has stated that “Israel’s reaction against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza conflict has been disproportionate.” The UK and Australia issued a joint statement, calling for an “immediate” end to fighting in Gaza. Canada intends to uphold a non-binding motion passed in Parliament calling for a “halt to arms exports to Israel in light of the Gaza war.”

Every anti-Israel nation has gone to war for territory, and World War II was the most brutal war in history, with deaths of 40 to 50 million people. The Israeli war against Hamas is defensive and is war for Israel’s survival, yet Israel is being singled out despite full and documented knowledge of Hamas’ determination to obliterate the Jewish state.

When Joe Biden backed New York Senator Chuck Schumer’s call for new elections in Israel, I predicted that the Biden team would slyly create a crisis in Israel in order to aid its electoral chances in November. I noted that Biden’s dilemma in the upcoming U.S. elections is his dependence on the Muslim vote and the pressure he has been receiving from Muslim communities. By shifting attention to Israel and the Netanyahu government, Biden diverts scrutiny from his own poor record, and creates an excuse for evading his responsibility to ally with Israel against jihad terror. He also gets to shift blame away from his administration for pouring billions into the coffers of Iran. Creating a crisis to avert attention and responsibility has become a signature ploy of Democrats.

Should Israel accept a ceasefire, it will see attacks that will be on a larger scale than October 7.

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