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Uber Eats Takes Sides in the Culture War

Uber Eats Takes Sides in the Culture War
By Monica Cole

The two newest Uber Eats commercials, featuring talented gymnast Simone Biles, includes the well-known “non-binary” Jonathan Van Ness wearing one of Simone’s leotards. In one commercial, she gives him a strange look and tells him he can keep her leotard because she doesn’t want it back now that he has worn it. In the other commercial, she asks him if he wants to split her food order by saying, “Splitsies?” Confused by her request, he does the actual splits instead.

Casting a cross-dresser in its ads screams liberal agenda and turns off potential Uber Eats customers as evidenced by one YouTube commenter who wrote: “Spare us the agenda Uber Eats.”

The official Uber Eats response is: “Anything Simone Biles can do, Jonathan Van Ness can do…in his own, amazing way.”

Shame on Uber Eats for attempting to brainwash viewers with an agenda instead of focusing on providing a helpful service, especially during a pandemic. Potential customers have plenty of other food delivery options to choose from instead of doing business with Uber Eats and its parent company Uber. Uber Eats and Uber are actually pushing consumers to the competition with their propaganda.

Instead of making audiences lose their appetite by glamorizing an LGBTQ lifestyle, Uber Eats should focus on what it does and remain neutral on controversial issues.

For anyone curious or struggling with his or her sexual identity, watching someone prance around in the opposite sex’s clothing is not the answer. Rather, it’s imperative to answer a person’s tough questions about gender and sexuality from a biblical perspective in a caring way like American Family Studios has done in its new documentary, In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality. Hundreds of thousands have already viewed this documentary and have responded with praise on how tasteful and helpful it has been to them.

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