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U.K.’s Boris Johnson Celebrates June as Gay “Pride” Month

U.K.’s Boris Johnson Celebrates June as Gay “Pride” Month
By Julio Severo

U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson published in his Facebook page a post on June 27, 2020, celebrating June as gay “pride” month. He said,

“While nothing can properly mirror the joy of [gay] Pride celebrations in our towns and cities, [gay] Global Pride is a unique opportunity for people to connect with one another, in unity, across all nations. I send my best wishes to all in the LGBT community celebrating today.”

June as gay “pride” month was invented to promote the gay agenda in all its aspects, with campaigns to represent homosexuality as normal, including to children. People, including Christians, opposing such propaganda are portrayed as “bigots” and even “criminals.”

Gay propaganda to children should be considered a crime, but when insane individuals are allowed to turn society into an asylum, normal people opposed to the homosexual abnormality are criminalized.

Christians are misled into thinking that they can elect conservatives to defend and protect conservative values. Often, this is sheer deceptive propaganda.

Boris Johnson was elected in the United Kingdom on a conservative platform to defend conservative values. But is his conservatism sick or fake? Or was his conservatism parasitized by socialism?

If Christians want to elect a candidate to celebrate June as gay “pride” month, they do not need to choose Boris Johnson. They can choose a socialist candidate.

Yet, pandering to homosexuality is not the only problem of Johnson and his administration.

In 2019, he blessed an Islamic holiday. Incredibly, while gangs of Islamic immigrants in U.K. rape 12-year-old British girls, whom they call “white trash,” Johnson is pandering to Muslims.

Also in 2019, Johnson’s Conservative Party expelled several conservatives for criticism of Islam.

I am a conservative evangelical. So if I were in Johnson’s Conservative Party, I would be expelled for criticizing Islam. I wonder what Johnson and his Conservative Party would do to me if I mentioned to them what God says about celebrating an abomination. God says in His Word:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22 NKJV)

Boris Johnson should know it much better than I do, because the United Kingdom gave the world the famous King James Bible. Why not celebrate June of each year as “King James Bible Month”?

A left-winger celebrates June as a gay “pride” month. A fake conservative does similar celebration. What would a real conservative U.K. prime minister do? He would celebrate the “King James Bible Month” or children as special gifts from God in need of protection, including from homosexual propaganda.

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