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Turkey’s Islamic Tyrant Freaks Out Over Trump Sanctions

Turkey’s Islamic Tyrant Freaks Out Over Trump Sanctions
By Daniel Greenfield

Yesterday, Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamic tyrant, claimed that he didn’t need the dollar because he had Allah. Now he’s whining about being stabbed in the back.

The lira hit a record low of 7.23 per dollar late Sunday after Erdogan remained defiant in his economic policies and the standoff against the United States, a NATO ally.

“Turkey is faced with an economic siege,” Erdogan said Monday, in the latest of a series of speeches. “We are taking the necessary steps against these attacks and will continue to do so.”

Addressing a dispute between Washington and Ankara over the detention of a US pastor in Turkey and US President Donald Trump’s threat last week to double tariffs on steel and aluminium, Erdogan blasted the US. “We are together in NATO and then you seek to stab your strategic partner in the back. Can such a thing be accepted?” said Erdogan.

When you take an American hostage, and then get hit with sanctions, after repeated warnings, that’s not being stabbed in the back.

It’s a stab right in the front in exchange for a stab in the back.

Let’s remember that this started when Erdogan took an American pastor hostage in order to extract one of his Islamist rivals from the United States. That turned out to be a very bad strategy.

“[The US] says, ‘Give us the pastor back,’” Erdoğan said. “You have one pastor [of ours] as well. The pastor we have [Brunson] is on trial. Yours [Gülen] is not – he is living in Pennsylvania. Give him to us. You can easily give him to us. You can give him right away. Then we will try him [Brunson] and give him to you.’”

That’s stabbing a strategic partner in the back.

Meanwhile Erdogan keeps making noise about finding other friends. Good luck. The Chinese are the only ones with the cash to bail out Turkey. Iran has been hit with its own sanctions. Russia doesn’t have the money and would turn Turkey into a client state. And Chinese control of Turkey’s economy would have quite the effect on Erdogan’s political and familial pals.

So Erdogan decided to go full Maduro and scream about the CIA.

Turkey’s president claims the CIA and Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency, are planning a rescue mission of American pastor Andrew Brunson.

Turkey’s president Recep Erdogan reportedly told A-Haber TV, a channel owned by Erdogan’s son-in-law, that members of the CIA and Mossad are staying in houses and apartments near Mr. Brunson’s home.

Brunson led an evangelical church in İzmir for over 20 years without incident. All that changed in 2016, when he, along with tens of thousands of Turks, were rounded up by authorities during an alleged coup attempt. Mr. Brunson was accused of obtaining state secrets with the intention of overthrowing Turkey’s government. He could spend the rest of his life in prison if convicted.

Turkey has no rule of law. Erdogan’s secret police thugs have had no problem arresting and torturing countless people. If CIA and Mossad agents were there, they would be under arrest.

But stay tuned for Erdogan to fake a drone assassination attempt, after using his Reichstag fire fake coup to seize total power over Turkey. Then he really will be Maduro.

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