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Trump’s White House is not open to hear biblical condemnation of Homosexuality

Trump’s White House is not open to hear biblical condemnation of Homosexuality
By Julio Severo

A confusion arising from media misinformation on a biblical view of an evangelical minister on homosexual sins sparked a furious condemnation from the White House against his alleged evangelical view contrary to homosexuality.

Media reports said that the evangelical minister, Ralph Drollinger, blamed homosexuality for the coronavirus epidemic. For example, the DailyMail headline said, “Minister who leads weekly bible study for Donald Trump’s cabinet members condemns those with ‘a proclivity towards lesbianism and homosexuality’ as well as ‘environmentalists’ but blames China for unleashing God’s wrath during coronavirus crisis.”

Even the conservative media had initially an interpretation not much different. WND (WorldNetDaily) had a report headlined “Trump Cabinet Bible leader blames coronavirus on God’s ‘wrath.’”

In answer to these reports, White House spokesman Judd Deere, who is a homosexual activist, called the evangelical minister’s stance “disgusting” and “not something the president believes.”

Later, in a report headlined “Trump Cabinet Bible leader sets media straight on ‘God’s wrath,’ president’s faith” WND said:

Drollinger told WND in an interview he actually was reacting to some Bible teachers making that claim, “trying to get out in front of the story” with a careful analysis of Scriptures that came to the opposite conclusion.

At the weekly meeting – which of late has been a conference call due to the coronavirus restrictions — Drollinger said one Cabinet member asked: “Well, how does it feel to be ripped out of context? Welcome to the club.”

Among the regular attenders are Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Housing and Human Services Secretary Ben Carson, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue, Education Secretary Betsy DeVoss, Secretary Alex Acosta and the head of the Office of Management and Budget, Russell Vought.

Drollinger, the founder of Capitol Ministries, which provides Bible teaching, evangelism and discipleship to political leaders across the nation, said his intent with the discussion of God’s wrath was to prepare the Cabinet members “for what inevitably is going to hit.”

Drollinger, a professional basketball player-turned-minister who hosts Bible studies for most of the top Republicans in the Trump administration, mentioned idolatry of homosexuality and environmentalism when explaining God’s judgment in the coronavirus crisis.

In materials Drollinger prepared for his Bible studies for the week of March 23, he gave evidence of the existence of God’s wrath, in which God abandons lost causes — including environmentalists who “serve the creature rather than the creator” and those with a “proclivity toward lesbianism and homosexuality.”

Drollinger did not connect homosexuality to coronavirus, but because his Bible study in the White House had a mention of homosexuality and coronavirus, the Big Media, which is dominated by rabid homosexualists, hysterically connected both subjects and promoted their own hysterical interpretation.

To get things worse, the White House spokesman, driven by his own hysterical gay activism, jumped automatically to the same malicious interpretation.

Why does a “conservative” president need a gay spokesman at the White House to jump to hysterical interpretations? While George Washington expelled homosexuals from the government, Obama and now Trump welcome them.

Washington did not allow any homosexual in the government. Why did Obama allow? Why does Trump allow?

But the hysterical interpretation of the White House spokesman was telling. He thinks that any Bible interpretation that homosexuality brings consequence is “disgusting.” So does he think that God condemning homosexuality is also “disgusting”? Actually, the contrary is true. In the Bible, God says that homosexuality is disgusting:

“You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” (Leviticus 18:22 ESV)

Other versions say “disgusting.”

Would the White House gay spokesman say that it was “disgusting” God destroying Sodom because of homosexuality?

Drollinger seems to be free to give Bible studies in the White House provided that such studies do not contradict certain moral (and immoral) stances of Trump. He is not allowed to teach about how God condemns homosexual sins.

Washington, who believed in the Bible, would see as very disgusting the White House under Trump having a gay activist to condemn evangelical ministers based solely on biased reports from a left-wing media that worship sodomy with all their hearts and minds.

Washington also would see as very disgusting Judd Deere saying that “not something the president believes,” suggesting that Trump does not accept biblical condemnation of homosexuality and no consequence for this sin.

I do not think that it would be a surprise a gay spokesman in the Obama White House. It would not be a surprise a gay spokesman in the Obama White House saying that evangelical views on homosexuality are “disgusting” and that “not something President Obama believes.”

So what has really changed under Trump?

During the 8 years of the Obama administration, I exposed and criticized such left-wing stances, and now I am seeing the same left-wing stances in the Trump administration. But while I saw multitudes of evangelical ministers in the Obama era criticizing him, now I see multitudes of evangelical ministers silent for the same sins in the Trump administration.

I am not surprised when I see left-wing presidents doing left-wing things. But I am surprised when I see right-wing presidents doing left-wing things. And I am much more surprised when I see evangelical ministers silent about such things.

Americans talk so much about the Constitution, but it does not defend homosexuality and abortion. In fact, the Founding Fathers who drafted the Constitution saw the Bible as God’s Constitution, the divine Constitution above all human constitutions. No one of them supported homosexuality and abortion.

There is another thing where Trump and Obama are similar. When Obama asked national prayers for the United States, he never asked Americans to repent from their sins. Similarly, when Trump asks national prayers for the United States, he never asks Americans to repent from their sins.

Both behaviors are very different from George Washington and other old U.S. presidents. When they asked national prayers for the United States, they always asked Americans to fast and repent from their sins.

Washington, the first U.S. president, expelled homosexuals from his administration, because he was serious about sins and repentance. Why does not Trump have such seriousness?

Yet, how can Trump ask Americans to repent from homosexuality and other sins if they refuse to see these sins as disgusting? How can they repent from sins if they do not feel the dirty weight of such sins? How can they condemn sins and repent from them if they refuse to accept God’s condemnation of homosexuality and other sins.

Traditionally, casinos are places of corruption, dirty money, drugs and prostitution — both female and male. Casino owners see no evil in homosexuality.

Casino owners see no need to repent from anything. This is why in national days of prayer in the U.S., Trump, who is a casino owner, has never done what George Washington always did: to repent and ask the American people to repent from their sins.

In fact, in the last national prayer, Trump inaugurated a totally different National Day of Prayer: He invited leaders of non-Christian and anti-Christians religions also to lead prayers! Washington never did it. Instead of a National Day of Prayer, with fasting and repentance, just as Washington did, Trump inaugurated a National Day of Apostasy, with leaders of non-Christian and anti-Christians religions praying to their gods, spirits and demons to “bless” America. Their prayers are disgusting to God. Their prayers and mantras are reputed as curses by God.

There are so many evangelical ministers around Trump, often telling him what he wants to hear, that it seems that people forget that Trump is the owner of a network of casinos. So is it any wonder Trump’s hard time to condemn homosexuality, even though he has a Presbyterian background? Is it any wonder that the Trump administration is promoting homosexuality around the world?

He is just doing what any casino owner would do. Sadly, it is what Obama would do too.

Understand Trump’s predicament. If he repents from his sins, he will transform his casinos in decent workplaces and decent hotels — free from corruption, dirty money, drugs, prostitution and homosexuality. Would he be willing to do such repentance? Would he be willing to extend such repentance to his administration and nation?

Only if he has a real encounter with Christ.

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