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Trump and Kamala Harris’ Communications Directors Got the Virus: The Media Reported It Very Differently

Trump and Kamala Harris’ Communications Directors Got the Virus: The Media Reported It Very Differently
By Daniel Greenfield

It’s an evergreen headline.

Hope Hicks and Liz Allen, Trump’s former communications director and Kamala Harris’ communications director, both got the virus. Communications directors and certain kinds of staffers, by nature of their role, are probably more exposed. But the media reported both stories very differently.

The virus entering the president’s circle was treated as a moral indictment of him, while the virus entering Kamala’s circle is just one of those things that happens.

As I wrote back when Rep Gohmert was getting this treatment, the double standard is blatantly glaring.

“Anti-Mask Louie Gohmert Tests Positive,” the New York Times gloated. “Rep. Louie Gohmert, who often went without a mask, tests positive for the coronavirus,” NBC News chittered. “Texas Republican Rep. Gohmert Tests Positive For Coronavirus After Rebuffing Masks,” NPR scolded.

The implication is that Rep. Gohmert’s skepticism about masks somehow led to him testing positive.

A number of other members of the House and the Senate have tested positive for the virus. Like Rep. McAdams. Did testing positive for the virus prove that he’s a bad man, or is that only Republicans?

Quite a few members of Congress from both parties have tested positive, but the stigmatizing and scolding coverage only kicks in for Republicans.

Republicans get the virus because they deserve it, while Democrats get it despite taking every precaurtion. And precaurtions are usually defined as masks, a magic fetish that can protect you even if, like Kamala Harris, you crowd into an elevator with your staff.

That’s not how masks work. It ought to go without saying.

Democrats and their media have politicised the virus from the very beginning and are hoping to use it to get elected. From their macro tactics, bashing Trump, to local micro tactics, attacking Orthodox Jews, this is their core strategy.

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