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The Walls are Closing In…Around Fani Willis

The Walls are Closing In…Around Fani Willis
The same media that made her a star is trying to show her the door.
By Daniel Greenfield

When the media turns on you, you’re done. And the media is turning on Fani Willis, for the same reason it originally rallied for her.

Is Willis jeopardizing GA election interference case? – CNN

How Allegations Against Nathan Wade and Fani Willis Complicated Georgia Case – New York Times

Top Fani Willis Ally Calls for Lead Prosecutor Nathan Wade to Step Aside – Washington Post

Credit card statements show Trump special prosecutor appointed by Georgia DA Fani Willis bought her plane tickets – NBC News

The only reason the media is covering the story is because they decided that Fani Willis’ conduct is damaging enough that she. and particularly Nathan Wade, need to go, because they’re impeding Job 1 which is run her side of a kangaroo court.

It is remarkably arrogant that Willis behaved this way while in the center of the biggest legal case in Georgia and one of the biggest cases in America. The lack of self-control inherent in moving Wade to the front of the line is almost impressively stupid.

But that’s the thing about inhabiting an echo chamber. It makes those at the center of it feel invincible until reality kicks in. And the reality is that Willis, like Mueller, was never more than a means to an end.

Social media culture turns obscure figures into celebrities by promising to destroy the mob’s enemies. The fame goes to their heads until the moment that they realize the mob doesn’t love them, any more than the French radical mob loved the man running the guillotine, it’s the promise of blood that draws them near.

Fanni Willis behaved stupidly. Now the same media that made her a star is trying to show her the door.

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