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The Vultures Are Circling

The Vultures Are Circling
Thanks to Biden, carrion birds are picking at the pieces of America.
By Don Feder

While Sleepy-Time Joe recuperates from the hard work of not getting lost on the White House lawn (Camp David is so peaceful this time of year), the vultures are circling.

The America which flexed its muscles under Reagan and Trump is now prostrate.

The Taliban, Mexican cartels, OPEC, city savages – the sky is full of carrion birds. Signs of weakness always bring them out. With Biden, America might as well be wearing a kick-me sign on its back.

Kabul is a replay of Saigon in ‘75, with Chinooks and Black Hawk helicopters evacuating personnel from the U.S. Embassy – something fearless leader promised would never happen. Now the human airlift is taking off from the Kabul airport, as long as the Taliban (which controls the situation on the ground) lets us.

When he finally deigned to speak to the American people on Monday, Biden blamed everyone – including the Afghan government, the Afghan military, his predecessors (especially Trump) – everyone but the Taliban and himself. “The buck stops here, he said.” But it was a throwaway line.

All agreed that our involvement with Afghanistan had to end. But with his genius for military operations and diplomacy (and supported by a woke general staff), Biden turned a retreat into a rout.

After 20 years pouring a $1 trillion and the blood of thousands of Americans (dead and wounded) into that lethal sand trap, it was time to go.

Only, did it have to end like this? Trump left U.S. fighter jets and drones at the Bagram airbase. Biden withdrew them on July 5 (without even notifying our Afghan allies), so there would be no air support for the pull out.

The image of helicopters evacuating U.S. Embassy personnel and the bearded butchers celebrating with American weapons in the streets of Kabul will haunt us for years to come, as will the grisly death which will be afforded to any Afghans who helped us.

Closer to home, it took Biden just a few months to turn the U.S.-Mexican border (so secure under Trump) into Disneyland Southwest, with Goofy Mayorkas running the show.

To change the country’s demographics forever and cement Democrat power, border crossings are now at a 21-year high. (Demolish it and they will come.) Everyone is welcome, including those infected with COVID. Just as Biden is now begging OPEC to ramp up production, in June, the other half of the White House comedy team was in Guatemala pleading with the government to keep its people home.

With Biden’s non-enforcement policy, the drug cartels have found human smuggling an increasingly profitable sideline.

But drug traffic has also increased. In the first half of the year, 41 lbs. of fentanyl were found by the Border Patrol in the El Paso sector, compared to 9 pounds in 2020. One kilogram (2.2 lbs.) can kill 500,000 Americans.

While we import so-called migrants and drugs, we export energy security. Joe the panhandler is imploring OPEC nations (among them regimes which couldn’t be more hostile to our interests) to ramp up production.

In the name of combatting climate change, President Green killed the Keystone XL pipeline (that could have carried 830,000 barrels a day south), slapped a moratorium on leasing federal land (which a judge said was illegal), and cancelled Trump-era oil leases. Now he’s gone begging to keep gas prices down. Unlike oil from North America, apparently, OPEC’s is carbon-neutral.

With the price at the pump up $1 over last year, and with the 2022 election looming, Biden is desperate for an OPEC bailout.

Someday soon, countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia and China will present a bill for their cooperation. Anything that threatens our energy-independence (which is quickly slipping away), threatens our national security.

Vultures are circling our major cities, too. Criminals have grown so brazen that they’re attacking victims in the shopping areas of major cities in broad daylight.

The week of July 19, there were 915 shootings and 430 deaths across the U.S. By the beginning of August, there were 777 homicides in New York City so far this year, more than all of last year – with five months left to go.

Democrat mayors and city councils have slashed police funding. Democrat prosecutors let felons go free and lobby to abolish cash bail, except for the most heinous offenses. Biden has yet to criticize those responsible for last year’s orgy of lawlessness.

All of this sent a clear signal to those who go into retail stores in San Francisco and walk out with armfuls of merchandise, while helpless staff look on: If the arsonists and looters can get away with it, you can too.

From terrorist vultures, to border vultures to criminals, the message is clear: Those in positions of authority lack the will to oppose you. Welcome to the free lunch counter. Come on in, the dining (on the remnants of America) is fine.

This is the way civilizations end – when the guardians of public safety and order lack the will to confront the predators.

To continue the animal analogy, lions will circle an antelope herd and single out the old, tired and cognitively impaired to attack first. The President of the United States has been selected as lunch.

If we’re not very, very careful, America could end up the dessert.

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