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The Trump Indictment Accelerates America’s National Divorce

The Trump Indictment Accelerates America’s National Divorce
This is a cold civil war that’s heating up.
By Daniel Greenfield

New York’s top prosecutors have overseen a massive crime wave due to their pro-crime policies even while targeting their political opponents. Even before Trump, Attorney General Letitia James went after the NRA.

Why? Because the NRA had made the mistake of incorporating in New York. Trump, a New Yorker whose family business interests were centered in the city, had fewer options for avoiding the problem, but the indictment, inevitable and doomed to fail, shows the costs of non-Democrats doing business in New York.

And hyperpartisan one-party states dominated by radicals.

In the current phase of the cold civil war, states are consolidating. One-party Democrat states like California and New York are becoming virtual dictatorships, immune to elections and bent on implementing the most extreme agendas of the furthest Left. Some Republicans, like Gov. Abbot in Texas and Gov. DeSantis in Florida, have begun fighting back.

That means it’s a bad time to be a Republican in New York or a Democrat in Florida.

As bad as the federal abuses of Russiagate were, none of the feds, whose fabled prosecutors can “indict a ham sandwich” actually went as far as DA Alvin Bragg in Manhattan did.

What that means is that blue states and cities are now more lawless, more biased and more ruthless than federal authorities are. And that makes sense. The feds occasionally have to answer to and interact with Republicans who play a role in the national government. Republicans no longer play a role in New York City or New York State. There are no brakes on someone like DA Bragg lynching political opponents.

It’s the federal layer that will really protect Trump here.

DA Bragg has no case, but even if he manages to get this past a Manhattan jury and judge, this will ultimately fall apart, but not because New York’s judiciary can be trusted to do the right thing. It can’t.

Unlike a lot of ‘national divorce’ advocates, I’m not telling conservatives to flee blue states. Many of them are worth fighting for. And I say that as a lifelong New Yorker. But be aware of the risks. The NRA was not and Trump’s people, who saw what was coming down the pike, needed to prepare for the storm. Conservative organizations should not incorporate in hyper-blue jurisdictions, although they still face risks when they raise money in blue states. And prominent conservatives should understand the personal risks of living in a blue state or city that is being run by leftists.

This is a cold civil war that’s heating up. And this lawlessness is part of the process.

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