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The Party That’s a Criminal Conspiracy Wants Felons in Prison to Vote

The Party That’s a Criminal Conspiracy Wants Felons in Prison to Vote
By Don Feder

Bernie Sanders periodically reminds us that – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar notwithstanding – no one does crazy like him.

Campaigning in Iowa last week, Sanders said that in his home state of Vermont (one of only two states to allow incarcerated felons to vote), we “separate.”

“You’re paying a price. You committed a crime. You’re in jail.” Yes, that much is clear.

“But you’re living in American society and you have a right to vote. I believe in that too,” Sanders intoned.

But voting isn’t universal. Non-citizens don’t have a right to vote, though the left would change that. Americans under 18 don’t have a right to vote, though the Democrats would change that too. Mental defectives can’t vote. Democrats have enough advantages as it is.

It’s an article of faith for Democrats that if you’re a homo sapien and located in the United States (don’t ask how you got here), you have an inalienable right to vote. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would lower the federal voting age to 16. Even though the vote means less and less, Democrats insist that everyone must vote.

The answer to Sanders should be obvious: You kill someone – you rape someone – you beat someone to a bloody pulp – and you’re disenfranchised. Why is that so hard to understand?

It’s not just that Democrats have a natural affinity for the criminal class. The Democratic Party is itself a criminal enterprise – a conspiracy to deprive us of life, liberty and property.

1. It’s the party that says that theft (the appropriation of private property) is okay, as long as we vote to steal from you. Thus, theft is magically transformed from a violation of the 8th Commandment to redistribution to achieve income equality.

2. It’s the party that says killing the unborn isn’t a violation of human rights; it is a human right. This is being expanded to include newborns. Such Democratic luminaries as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Virginia Governor Ralph Northam have endorsed infanticide, though they call it something else.

3. It’s the party which would take away the means of self-defense guaranteed by the Second Amendment. It would set loose illegal aliens – including thieves, murderers, rapists and gang members – on society and disarm their victims.

4. It’s the party that cozies up to every thug-regime on the planet, witness Obama’s attempt to save Iran’s nuclear program, Ocasio-Cortez rationalizing the depredations of the Maduro regime in Venezuela, and Obama normalizing relations with Cuba.

5. It’s the Party of racial plunder – reparations in its current incarnation. Watch as the candidates for the 2020 Democratic nomination line up behind the bizarre notion that one group should be despoiled based solely on its race, for the benefit of another, based solely on its race. It’s both a race-based vote-buying scheme for the Democrats, and a way of assuaging their guilt for being white, for which they regularly apologize.

6. This is the party in de facto alliance with a group of goons who march around chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want them? Now!” In 2018, 144 police officers (federal, state and local) were killed in the line of duty, up from 129 in 2017. The left is an accessory before the fact, by persuading some in the minority community that racist cops have targeted them for extinction. Its open-borders policy also allows the influx of gangs from Central America.

7. This is the party of illegal immigration. Democrats in Congress refuse to fund a border wall and reform our asylum system that allows anyone who sets foot on U.S. soil to claim refugee status – no matter how meritless the claim – which acts as a magnet for the caravans. Democrats in the states and localities put out welcome mats with sanctuary laws and a host of benefits intended for citizens.

8. This is the party that tries to steal elections. Since Inauguration Day, it’s been trying to drive the president from office through the Mueller probe and deep-state maneuvering. Even after Muller found no evidence of collusion, Congressional Democrats won’t give up – using it as a launching pad for a slew of new investigations. Its motto should be: “Democracy, as long as our side wins.”

9. This is the party of sexual predators – Bill Clinton, underwear model Anthony Weiner, Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax, former Senator Al Franken (who’s looking for a 12-step program for slimy pervs in recovery), and Joe (“Somebody needs to be groped!”) Biden. Believe women – except for those accusing Democrats of rape, assault or inappropriate contact.

10. This is the party of political corruption, from the Clintons (who treated public office as a cash-cow), to ex-Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who tried to sell Obama’s vacant senate seat, to ex-New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (who resigned amidst a prostitution/payoff scandal). They could build a correctional facility just for Democratic politicians.

Democrats are in the forefront of the drive to abolish the death penalty – given the character of the party’s leadership, understandably so.

When it comes to crime, the Democrats are at a disadvantage. Having rejected Judeo-Christian morality, they lack a reliable, time-tested code of conduct. They’ve replaced morality with ideology.

The latest example of their aversion to our heritage is first-term Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema, who took the oath of office not on a Bible, but on a copy of the U.S. Constitution – ironically, symbolically rejecting the morality on which the Constitution itself is based.

The Democrats spend an inordinate amount of time fussing about what they perceive as threats to the mythical separation of church and state. Some would take “In God We Trust” off our currency.

They are at war with God-based morality. After they’ve rejected that, what’s left? Situational ethics. There are no moral absolutes. Robbery may be wrong under certain circumstances, but not others, likewise murder. Define the unborn child as a non-person, and practically anything can be done to it. No guilt. No remorse.

As the vanguard of the revolution, Marxist theoretician Herbert Marcuse envisioned a coalition of those he considered society’s disposed and alienated – radicalized racial minorities, women, students and convicts.

Sanders scheme is the first step in politicizing the most dangerous element in society. If they can vote, why not let them run for public office? Given their background, they’ll make fine recruits for the party with its hand in your pocket or around your throat.

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