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The Gay Community’s Racism Exposed — Maybe This Is the Year

The Gay Community’s Racism Exposed — Maybe This Is the Year
By Robert Oscar Lopez

This article is worth bookmarking:

If you have not been made aware of what is happening, let me give you a recap. Ed Buck is a mega-donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and also a leading light of the LGBT leadership. In 2017, police discovered a young black man dead in Buck’s home. This month another dead black man was found in his home. Here is what I wrote in August 2017:

I commented on this above. Please take a listen. The racism in the gay community is rampant. I wrote three novels that explored my personal experience with gay racism (Johnson Park, Melville Affair, and Gay Wars). The gay community panned them as terribly written. Even if they were awfully written it is noteworthy that members of the gay community accused me of lying about the racial sex abuse that goes on in the community; they claimed repeatedly online that I authored “porn” or “erotica,” to dismiss the problems I was highlighting then.

As early as the 1980s I was exposed to a gay subculture of racially themed BDSM, which went both ways. There were white men who fantasized about being sexual slaves to men of color. Then there were white men who had sick fantasies about tying up and sexually abusing men of color.

Often when white men fantasized about abusing black or Latino men they combined these fantasies with a fetish for young men of color. Older white men typically had these tastes and wanted to abuse young, even underage, blacks and Latinos.

“Poppers” or amyl nitrates, and stronger drugs, like meth, became necessary sometimes to get young men of color to endure the abusive sex scenes. Often these scenes involved exchange of money between older white men and men of color. When I say this was rampant, I mean it. I saw this subculture in New York City, San Francisco, Miami, and many other cities.

For decades, if you even mentioned this was going on, the gay community closed ranks and accused you of homophobia to silence you.

Ed Buck did not act in a vacuum. His actions formed part of a subculture.

Now is the time to expose what has happened and discuss it openly.

The gay community has been protected by the press and academia, coddled by gullible heterosexual allies, for far too long. They have been no less guilty than the Catholic community was, of encouraging a culture of secret abuse in their midst.

We need to clean house finally.

I find it repulsive that Ted Lieu, the Asian Democrat politician who recently touted himself as a good Catholic, received large donations from Ed Buck. To express his remorse for what Ed Buck did, he has donated $13,000 to gay causes and $5,000 to black causes.

So he rewarded the gay community for having been complicit in (even guilty of) causing two black men to die.

And then he gave $5,000 to the NAACP, which has been among the weakest when it comes to safeguarding the black civil rights legacy from co-optation by the LGBT lobby.

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