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The Demographic and Cultural Demise of the West

The Demographic and Cultural Demise of the West
The recent World Cup reflected the new haunting reality.
By Joseph Puder

The West European teams in the 2022 World Cup reflected the change that the European Union (EU) with its multiculturalism, and political correctness (PC) has brought upon Europe. The French team for instance appeared more as an African and Muslim team than a reflection of traditional France. Three-quarters of the team was African. Similarly, in the German, Dutch, and Belgian teams about half of their players were of African and Muslim descent. The English team was less so on the field, but the demographic reality in the United Kingdom (UK) is not different.

The elitists of the EU have made PC, multiculturalism, and diversity their new religion. Other than in the ‘liberal’ western world, democratic nations like Japan and South Korea do not feel the urge to practice diversity. They prefer and are proud of their nations being homogeneous societies. In Japan, there are very few ethnically and racially ‘non’-Japanese other than some Koreans who are non-citizen. These two societies, because of their homogeneity have no pervasive crime such as we witness in the western world. As a case in point, Sweden was, until a few decades ago, practically homogenous, experiencing virtually no serious crime. Then some of their elitists decided to join the western obsession with diversity and multiculturalism, bringing in migrants from the Third World. As a result, Sweden’s recent liberal governments have had to cope with a huge crime wave and references to it as the rape capital of Europe. Similar to Japan and Korea, African states south of the Sahara have no use of western multiculturalism and diversity. The African teams in the World Cup 2022 were African and proud of it.

The European obsessive preoccupation with diversity, multiculturalism, and PC can only be explained as White guilt, or atonement for European colonialism. French philosopher Alain Finkielkraut called it European “penitential narcissism.” The result has been that in the last few decades Western and northern European states opened their doors to Third World immigration that brought to countries like Belgium, France Germany, Holland, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK millions of economic migrants from Africa and Asia, mostly poor, uneducated, and culturally vastly opposed or unfamiliar with the norms of western liberal societies. This has brought about massive social stresses and a considerable uptick of crime. With the native European population below replacement levels, while the mostly Muslim immigrants have large families, sometime multiple wives, and many children, the face of Europe is rapidly and permanently changing. The United States, Canada, and Israel are somewhat different. They formed early on as a “Melting Pot” collection of diverse immigrant societies whose goal was to unite and create a new common collective that would supersede in importance prior cultural histories. Hence, the adoption of multiculturalism and PC is damaging to the cherished concept of America as the “Melting Pot.”

Sweden, because of its open-door immigration policies as mentioned above has become the rape capital of Europe, and in Germany a similar phenomenon has occurred. On New Year, several years ago, immigrant youth gangs, mostly Muslims from the Middle East, fell upon German women wherever they could find them. Massive cases of rape and other sexual violence occurred. The UK’s Daily Mail reported (December 5, 2016) that “Police union chief says open door policy to blame for death of teenager raped and murdered by Afghan migrant in Germany.” The report added that “The savage rape and murder of a beautiful 19-year-old medical student in Germany at the hands of a teenage Afghan refugee has sparked a frenzied backlash against the ‘open door’ asylum policy of Chancellor Angela Merkel.”

Germany’s misplaced guilt is rather astonishing. The nation and people who perpetrated the Holocaust and murdered Six million innocent Jews in the process, is compensating for its greatest crime in history by admitting the very people endowed with antisemitic hate. It has resulted in an explosion of antisemitic violence and synagogues burning by some of the newly admitted migrants as well as native neo-Nazis. A headline in Reuters (January 26, 2016) read “German Jews fear rising antisemitism during Mideast refugee influx.” The article revealed that “When Judith G. helped out at a refugee center near Frankfurt last October and identified herself as Jewish, she was spat on and insulted. German Jews say the case of Judith G., a 33-year-old option who asked not to be fully named, isn’t isolated and underlines concern many have about the record arrivals of asylum seekers largely from Muslim countries in the Middle East.”

Giulio Meotti writing for the Gatestone Institute (December 18, 2022) pointed out that Leicester City in England, praised by the British establishment for its multiculturalism, has exploded with knife attacks, stone and bottle throwing, cars being torched, Christian religious symbols under siege, dozens wounded, including policemen. “Leicester City is the first city in England where White people are now a minority.” The British bishop Michael Nazir-Ali was attacked for denouncing the existence of “no-go-areas” in the UK. Simply continuing current demographic realities, in 20-30 years large parts of the UK and Europe could resemble Pakistan.

In the aftermath of the devastating attack in Nice, France on Bastille Day 2016 by Islamic terrorists, which killed 86 innocent pedestrians, Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak, told Financial Times reporters that the blame lay with the embrace of multiculturism. He stated, “Have we not learned the lessons from previous attacks in Paris, and Brussels. “He added, “This is a consequence of multicultural politics and political correctness.” Poland and the former Communist east European states have not yet been affected by multiculturalism and are proud of their Catholic religion, and their cultural heritage. None of the western European “White Guilt” is to be found in Budapest, Prague, and Warsaw.

America is following the White Guilt patterns of the Europeans. Greatly diminished are the efforts by the establishment in Washington to mold and unify the people of this nation into Americans without a hyphen. What is lacking in the western world today is pride in its accomplishments as a culture and civilization.

The Chinese government is more than pleased with the self-flagellation of the western world. They are seeing the demise of western dominance on the horizon and seek to expedite it. China like Japan is homogeneous (has a small isolated and repressed minority of Muslim Uighurs) without guilt or apology. To China’s glee, low birthrate, cultural and demographic turmoil, and the absence of pride is hastening the decline of the west.

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