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The Border: 10,000 Apprehensions in 48 Hours

The Border: 10,000 Apprehensions in 48 Hours
And those are just the people who got caught.
By Robert Spencer

What was once known as the Southern border of the United States is essentially nonexistent in this time of Biden regime misrule, and so it was no surprise Wednesday when Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz tweeted some figures showing just how bad the border area has become:

Past 48 Hours…

– 10,070 Apprehensions
– 52 lbs. of Fentanyl
– 38 lbs. of Ecstasy
– 11 lbs. of Meth
– 11 lbs. of Cocaine
– $48,000 Seized
– 20 Firearms
– 5 Stolen Vehicles Recovered
– 5 Sex Offenders
– 4 Warrants
– 1 Gang Member

Significant numbers for just 2 days!

Indeed, and it was just business as usual for the border, although Ortiz didn’t mention the terrorists. It came to light last October that up to that point in 2022, the Border Patrol had caught at least 98 people at the border who are on terror watchlists. There is no indication that they’ve stopped coming since then. Terrorists can see what’s happening at the border as much as anyone else can; why shouldn’t they take advantage of the mess Old Joe has made? And those 98, of course, were just the ones who got caught.

Fox News reported that “the number of migrant encounters at the U.S. southern border climbed to a record more than 227,000 during the month of September and more than 2.3 million for fiscal year 2022, according to data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.” That data also shows that “there were 20 known or suspected terrorists arrested at the southern border in September, bringing the total terror watchlist arrests at the border for the fiscal year 2022 to 98. The number of terror watchlist arrests at the border for the last five years combined was 26.”

What did Old Joe and his handlers say about this? Nothing, of course, because they weren’t challenged by the sycophantic Leftist propagandists we call “journalists.” And the administration had every reason to stonewall any inquiry, as nothing demonstrated the catastrophe that is the Biden regime’s handling of the border crisis more vividly than the entry of known terrorists into the United States.

The terror risk involved in the open border has long been known. U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported as far back as Feb. 3, 2021 that “Yuma Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a group of 11 Iranian citizens who illegally crossed the border into the United States…. Yuma Sector agents apprehended eight Iranian nationals in FY2020, compared to just 14 from all other border patrol sectors combined. So far in FY2021, Yuma Sector agents have apprehend [sic] 14 nationals from Iran.”

Rep. John Katko (R-N.Y.) asserted in March 2021 that “individuals that they have on the watchlist for terrorism are now starting to exploit the southern border. We need to wake up.”

Then in August 2021, former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott warned that the Southern border was “a national security crisis,” with “TSDBs at a level we have never seen before. That’s a real threat.” In October, he said on Fox News that “we have terrorist threats we can’t get into in this type of a forum but they are real.”

Yes, they are, and they’re entirely Biden’s handlers’ fault. Former Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan said Monday that border agents are “demoralized” with the border “wide open.” He added that “every aspect of our public health, safety, national security is being jeopardized.” Over 7,000 migrants cross the border every day as it is, and once Title 42, a Trump administration attempt to control the wave of migrants, is ended as Biden’s handlers plan to do next month, that number is expected to jump to 18,000 per day.

Morgan observed that one group that is taking advantage of this is the drug cartels. “They know, because of this administration, our borders are wide open,” Morgan said. “We literally handed over operational control to the cartels. It’s way beyond the millions that have been smuggled in this country.” Not just terrorists, but drug cartels as well. The nightmare never ends.

Make no mistake: this has all been done on purpose. The Biden administration, Morgan added, “opened our borders and intentionally created and facilitated a catastrophic crisis on the southwest border that we’ve never seen in our lifetime.” Why would they do such a thing? You know the answer. Morgan explained: “Their priorities [are] to get as many illegal aliens in this country because – it’s disgusting – but because they see a perceived political benefit.”

The Left seems intent on destroying the country in pursuit of unchallenged political power within it. What kind of a country they’ll be ruling over once it is overrun with migrants and its economic power entirely outsourced or outpaced doesn’t seem to be a question that ever crosses their minds. How they’ll be able to pay for all their new welfare recipients once the American middle class is entirely taxed out of existence is also not a priority consideration for them.

The only thing that matters is gaining and securing political power indefinitely. But this might easily become a Pyrrhic victory.

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