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The Abortion Insurrection

The Abortion Insurrection
It’s not about bodies.
By David Horowitz

On Saturday May 14, thousands of left-wing activists descended on Washington, D.C. They gathered at the behest of Planned Parenthood and the radical Women’s March to protest a leaked legal opinion about the unconstitutionality of Roe v. Wade, which made abortion for any reason, up to and beyond the moment of birth, an absolute right.

The activists’ agenda was to announce their plans to create a “Summer of Rage” whose goal is to “make America ungovernable,” and thus to force the Supreme Court to legalize abortion without restriction until the moment of birth and beyond. In other words, theirs was a call to sedition and insurrection. The bottom-line goal of the insurrectionists is not to defend a constitutional right – in fact they almost never argue the constitutionality of Roe or its lack thereof.

Their goal is to destroy the independence of the judiciary, by deciding a constitutional issue by intimidation and force. This is a textbook example of political terrorism. “Abort the Court” is even a slogan of the movement in case anyone might have doubts about the criminal agendas of what has become the Democrat Party and the political left.

The anti-Court terrorism of the left is driven by what the lawless Biden administration and its equally corrupt Department of Justice have described as “disinformation,” and claim is itself a terrorist threat. The leaked Supreme Court opinion that triggered this threat would not ban abortion as the terrorists claim. It would merely return the decision as to when and how abortion should be legal to the legislatures of the fifty states. This was where it resided for nearly 200 years until a handful of politically appointed lawyers invented a right so fraudulent that even pro-abortion legal scholars like Yale’s John Hart Ely, could not bring themselves to swallow it.

The anti-constitutional chicanery of the Roe decision had the immediate effect of dividing the country more decisively and dangerously than at any time since the Civil War. So ominous were these divisions that even a Roe champion like Ruth Bader Ginsburg, when she saw its effects was forced to conclude that in deciding Roe the left had gone a bridge too far. The vicious fruits of making unlimited abortion an absolute constitutional right – and doing so by judicial fiat and magical reasoning – are now evident in the preparations for war by the anarchist and terrorist left. Hopefully, reason will prevail and there will not be hundreds of deaths as there were the last time the domestic terrorists took to the streets in the summer of 2020 to spread mayhem and grief across the land. But the fact that America is now in the hands of a White House criminal and a Department of Justice enabler offers little cause to think optimistic thoughts.

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