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Terminator’s Dark Feminist Fate

Terminator’s Dark Feminist Fate

Terminator’s Dark Feminist Fate
By Julio Severo

Not surprisingly, the movie “Terminator: Dark Fate” was a total box office failure at its release in November 2019, even though Arnold Schwarzenegger is a Hollywood icon.

The movie featured women — Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis and Natalia Reyes — as armed warriors fighting with the same physical strength as men against killing humanoid machines.

One of the women, a Mexican, was chosen by Hollywood fate to form a future androgynous army of men and women armed against these machines.

Macho women, and men as mere subordinates to Hollywood feminists. As villains, men are disposable. As characters on the good side — on the side of Hollywood feminists —, they are also disposable, that is, they are easily terminated. The movie makes it appear that women can by themselves solve everything on the basis of muscular strength and weapons against male villains. It is a feminist movie to please feminists’ tantrums and ideological greed.

It is not surprising the feminist flood in Terminator, as its producer, James Cameron, is considered a feminist, who takes pleasure in glorifying women in male roles. He is best known for writing, directing and producing the leftist environmental movie Avatar (2009).

Terminator was therefore created, with its masculinized women, according to the image and likeness of the feminism promoted by Cameron.

Another characteristic in the movie is profanity. There is a lot of foul language — which is the typical behavior of left-wingers. But what to expect from a movie by Cameron, a left-winger?

Cameron was raised in a traditional Protestant home (not open to the supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit), and later he became an atheist who seeks to attack Christianity. According to The Hollowverse website:

“Cameron has since attempted to debunk any claims of supernatural miracles in Christianity with his documentary film, The Lost Tomb of Jesus. The film claims to have found the remains of Jesus Christ, Mary Magdalene, and their children. Citing the names on the tombs and DNA evidence, the film seeks to show that Jesus was a regular guy who died and was not resurrected.”

Politically, Cameron is a left-winger who loves the militarism of the neocons in the Republican Party. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the contrary, but basically the same thing. He, who was the governor of ultra-liberal California, is a Republican neocon who likes leftism.

Apparently, then, women in Terminator are neocon left-wing feminists. But why did not Cameron give the central role in his movie to the queen of neocons, Hillary Clinton? As Cameron, Hillary is a left-wing who loves the militarism of neocons. When conservative Republican President George W. Bush invaded Iraq (an action condemned by Trump), then left-wing Democrat Senator Hillary supported the invasion.

With its feminist flavor, “Terminator: Dark Fate” does not once present marriage, family and husband and wife as even remote options for human beings in the future. Nor would it be possible for Cameron to present marriage in a favorable light, since he himself had 4 divorces.

Although he promotes feminism as a way of showing that he respects women’s rights, his 4 divorces are more than enough evidence that he has no respect for them.

His personal relationship with them is as distorted as his propaganda for them in male roles.

Reality is less generous and politically correct. It is, in the view of the male and female feminists, cruel. According to the scenario of the movie itself, the future will have no pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies to produce “contraceptive” drugs — which often cause micro-abortions. Women will then have their sexuality day and night free and open to pregnancy, which is a natural result of sexual activity.

So, the futuristic woman who wants to live the Hollywood style of free sex will have several pregnancies during her lifetime, making it impossible for her to live completely as macho soldiers and other male roles.

A woman who tries to live without marriage in a future without contraceptives will be a prostitute for several men, with pregnancies and children from each of them.

Women who choose marriage will be occupied with the traditional (and fully supported and defended by the Bible) role of caring for their husbands, children and home.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” twists the role of women. If women could be macho by punching men and leading armies of men, God would not have created Eve for Adam. He would have created another Adam.

If men were virtually disposable, as the movie shows, God would have created another Eve for Eve, completely dispensing with Adam.

In the ideologically charged view of Hollywood, women can play the role of boxers very well. And to elevate women to male positions, Hollywood is weakening or even terminating men from all their traditional male roles, especially leadership. For Hollywood, the time has come for women to lead the world in everything, including muscular strength and military actions.

However, God is not dependent on Hollywood and its spiritual and moral failures. Before Hollywood, there was God — Jesus Christ — and long after Hollywood disappears into the dust of oblivion, God will continue as King of the Universe.

In Hollywood’s dying vision, women are neocons, real war machines with no time for home, husband and children, but with plenty of time to have sex with men and punch them. But in God’s view, women can play the role of wife and mother very well without time to be neocons.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” had a deserved failure. It terminated the reality of the differences between women and men. It terminated the reality of marriage for the future. And in the process, it terminated itself as a work of public utility. It has become useless.
I am not surprised, as its director, who loves feminism and divorces against women, has a particular war against Christianity. In fact, the whole of Hollywood is at war with Christianity.

No matter how much Hollywood and its terminators fight against marriage and the differences between men and women to terminate the biological reality that God created, the Creator is greater.

It is impossible to terminate what has already been determined by God. Hollywood will pass away, but God and His Word will remain forever.

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