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Taylor Swift Says Her Pro-Sodomy and Pro-Abortion Christianity Is the Real Christianity

Taylor Swift Says Her Pro-Sodomy and Pro-Abortion Christianity Is the Real Christianity
By Julio Severo

Netflix has produced “Miss Americana,” a documentary featuring pop star Taylor Swift touting her own progressive ideas and trying to define Christianity according to these ideas.

In the aftermath of President Trump being elected especially by conservative evangelicals who reject the gay agenda, Swift has not only been supporting left-wing political candidates and attacking conservative political candidates, she’s even been using her music to promote the gay agenda. For example, Swift’s rainbow-clad music video in 2019 “You Need to Calm Down” is a tribute to the LGBTQ agenda, criticizing those who disagree with homosexual the lifestyle.

One excerpt from the Netflix film “Miss Americana” highlights how Swift abandoned her earlier apolitical image to become a left-wing activist. One clip from the film shows Swift explaining what led her to support left-wing candidates against conservative candidates.

Swift also came out on the side of abortion in 2019 when she told The Guardian, “I mean, obviously, I’m pro-choice.”

Like Swift, other U.S. celebrities in recent years have been promoting their own version of Christianity and claiming their left-wing stances are the real definition of what it means to follow Christ.

Yet, it seems that Swift is looking more at Trump voters, especially evangelicals, than at Trump himself, not understanding that as far as homosexual issues are involved, there are massive differences between Trump and his evangelical supporters.

For example, Trump recognized June 2019 as LGBT Pride Month and launched a global effort to legalize homosexuality around the world. Such moves, which should make Swift glad, have not made evangelical voters glad. But Swift is not glad because, even though not pleasing evangelicals in the homosexual issue, Trump has been pleasing evangelicals in other issues, especially pro-life issues.

Trump has made several concessions to LGBT activists, but Swift refuses to see his generous concessions. Her concern is focused on conservative evangelicals, who elected Trump and can in the future elect more conservative candidates, including a real conservative candidate willing to fight the LGBTQ agenda.

So when Swift attacks Trump she is thinking on his evangelical supporters, who have Bible views that she sees as “abomination.” If it were not for these evangelical supporters, Swift would be one of the first celebrities to celebrate Trump’s effort legalize homosexuality around the world. She would also praise Trump’s silence regarding LGBTQ persecution against Franklin Graham, the most prominent evangelical supporter of Trump.

If it were not for conservative evangelicals, Swift would just love Trump and his LGBTQ stances.

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