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Surprise Grand Jury Witness May Have Destroyed the Whole Case Against Trump

Surprise Grand Jury Witness May Have Destroyed the Whole Case Against Trump
Leftist witch-hunters stumble into quicksand.
By Robert Spencer

As Matt Margolis noted Sunday, “Rudy Giuliani lawyer Robert Costello, a former legal advisor to Michael Cohen,” was set to appear on Monday before the grand jury that is currently persecuting and railroading Donald Trump, “with the sole intention of undermining Cohen’s credibility.” That he did. Costello offered testimony that should explode Manhattan Get-Trump activist DA Alvin Bragg’s entire case and end all this talk about arresting the Democrats’ principal political opponent. But will it? Of course not. Witch hunters aren’t operating on the rational plane to begin with; they’re not going to be deterred by something so trivial as evidence.

Just the News reported Monday that Costello testified that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, who long ago turned on the America-First president, “paid Stormy Daniels without Trump knowing.” Costello said: “The heart of it is that Michael Cohen told us that he was approached by Stormy Daniels’ lawyer and Stormy Daniels had negative information that she wanted to put in a lawsuit against Trump. So Michael Cohen decided on his own, that’s what he told us, on his own, to see if he could take care of this.”Cohen has long insisted that Trump told him to pay the porn star Daniels for her silence about their alleged affair, which Trump denies ever took place at all. If Cohen handled Daniels’ claim on his own and without Trump’s knowledge, can Trump really be arrested for the payment? Given the Leftist establishment’s manifest disregard for the rule of law, the answer to that question is: Of course he can, and probably will be. Nonetheless, Bragg’s case, which was already quite flimsy (as even the New York Times admitted), is sinking as if it collided with an iceberg.

Iceberg Costello testified for over two hours on Monday. Then he told reporters outside Bragg’s office, according to the UK’s Independent, that “he had contradicted public statements Cohen has made about the payments and cast doubts on his credibility.” Costello declared, “If they want to go after Donald Trump and they have solid evidence then so be it. But Michael Cohen is far from solid evidence. … I told the grand jury that this guy couldn’t tell the truth if you put a gun to his head.” You mean someone who hates Donald Trump is so consumed by that hatred that he willingly tells untruths publicly? Holy Adam Schiff, Batman!

And not just Cohen. Costello charged that “the DA’s office had ‘cherry-picked’ information from more than 300 emails he turned over to the investigation.” Wait: you mean Alvin Bragg might not be conducting the fairest and most impartial inquiry possible? Knock me over with a feather! “They seemed clearly one-sided and not after the truth,” said Costello. No kidding, really?

Costello’s assessment of Bragg’s investigation was already painfully obvious. This is a case that does not rise to the level of a felony except by means of some imaginative legal legerdemain. Other prosecutors have declined to pursue it, finding that there was no there there. So will Costello’s testimony draw the Left back from the banana republic brink and prevent them from establishing the dangerous precedent of arresting the sitting president’s chief rival on charges that appear to have been cobbled together just to serve the purpose of having something, anything, to stick on him?

In a perfect world, that might be the case, but Old Joe Biden’s America in this weary year of 2023 is not even close to being a perfect world. Trump will almost certainly be indicted, arrested, handcuffed, and perp-walked, while the FBI and other agencies try to provoke patriots into doing something that they can use as a new pretext to demonize and destroy their political opponents.

It is no accident that the specter of Trump’s arrest arose so quickly after Tucker Carlson exploded the Left’s Jan. 6 “insurrection” narrative. The fire brigade arrived and put out that fire, and so now the destroyers of what they piously claim to be saving, the republic they call “our democracy,” have to find a new Reichstag Fire. Enter Alvin Bragg, ready with rags, gasoline, and matches. The fire will be lit. What it will destroy before it is finally put out is anybody’s guess.

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